Thriving through Ascension Awareness!

By Self-Ascension Mastery Teacher Mary Jacobs

Namaste Beloved Self-Ascension Community!  The second week of August is upon us with powerful energies that are playing out to get our attention. This energy calls to me heart to reach out with LOVE and unconditional support during this significant moment of expansion.

Within each of us, there is the state of being knows as True Fulfilment and Freedom. It arises from deep within as a knowingthat ALL is truly well! This divine state of being appears the moment we make the choice and decide to completely surrender the mechanisms of the density ego…to let go of ANY need to control and sincerely relax into “I’m okay!”

For many, as part of our journey we try on different ‘masks’ and act out in different roles, all to avoid rejection and judgement. And! If we allow ourselves to let down our egoic defenses and become nakedly honest as we reclaim our vulnerability within, the gift is that miracles really do happen!

Just as I did, I invite you to witness when your fears, anxiety and doubts as they arise and then…CELEBRATE!

Why?  Because this offers you the blessing of becoming aware that each of...Read More »

The Victim Cult

The Victim Cult

Often in our world, circumstances conspire to generate a sense that we must be saved or rescued. Indeed the ‘savior mentality’ has been around for thousands of years. This is a well-entrenched belief system that offers the opportunity to experience separation from the power of I AM presence and also offers the opportunity to cultivate faith.

These are valuable experiences..and you doing not have to repeat them over and over.

Yet the truth is: There are no victims! There are indeed experiences of victimization; there are experiences of lack and powerlessness, but those experiences are not self-defining. They are simply experiences that help us discover the true power within.

As an immortal Soul, it is an act of Mastery to explore the belief in mortality. It is an act of Mastery to ‘try on” lack and limitation. To the extent that you really believe that you are powerless, then you are fully immersed in the lesson your Soul wants you to learn. It is like joining a cult, you will find other members of the belief system encouraging you not to leave.

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The I of the Storm

The eye of a hurricane is a relatively calm center, with clear skies overhead. The outer areas of the storm circulate around the eye, stirring up content and bringing movement, chaos and darkness to the forefront. The metaphor of a hurricane is a useful picture to describe the evolution of consciousness. To find our own peaceful center in the midst of the seeming chaos of the outer world is one benefit of spiritual practice.

The various storms of our lives provide us with some practice. A ‘storm” can be a health problem, a career setback, relationship pain or financial distress. These personal ‘weather systems’ teach us about our own priorities and help us cultivate inner wisdom. Life’s lessons initially hone our coping skills and indirectly impart an intangible quality, self-trust. Trust is the intangible sense that in spite of the challenge at hand, ‘all is well’.

Spiritual practice offers us inner peace and resilience without the need for a storm! The ultimate preparedness action you can take is to deepen your conscious connection to Divine Trust. There are many, many practices that help quiet the ego and reveal your inner truth. Touching this Authentic essence empowers self-trust. This is true power.

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“The Price of Admission? Your Mind!”

Spiritual growth! This extraordinary experience is by necessity an expansionary dance through the density.  Spiritual growth offers each being a renewed sense of Self as it expands the worldly perspective.  Growth is liberating! As we lift from Density Consciousness into the more ascended states of consciousness, our ego can, and usually is at some point, triggered.  This trigger of the ego sets off ripples of fear as the controlling energy of the ego prefers ‘the predictable’ and is both resistant and afraid of change.

Ironically through this ego trigger, arises the dilemma of true growth! In these moments of insecurity we walk through the unknown to discover the other side. Whenever we grow, there is a tender time. That time of transition where the old ways seem to be calling us back while we are learning to stabilize in the newer ways.  This is when our self-trust must be firm and without doubts.  This is when our spiritual tenacity is called forward to lead us through.  Sometimes when we are at our most tender moments, it is our friends and family that try to call us back to the old patterns!  Well-meaning beings who are not on the same journey, are...Read More »

Commanding The Light

You are commanding the light right now, whether you know it or not! Why not do this more consciously?

Many people talk about manifesting abundance, co-creating and the Law of Attraction. There are many methods that enhance your capacity to consciously manifest . And, there are indeed “laws” that describe how consciousness can be applied.

For example, there is truth in the phrases: “What you focus on expands” and “what you resist will persist”. These laws offer basic training, inviting each of us to pay attention to our lives. It can be useful to reflect on what is growing/expanding in your life?

Are your fears growing? Or is your peace of mind growing? How about Self-Trust and Joy; are they growing? As you reflect honestly on your life experience, you can see for yourself how your consciousness is participating with Creation. Your subconscious beliefs are calling experiences into your life…through journaling and reflection, these unconscious beliefs can be made conscious and then healed.

We all continue to evolve day by day…trust yourself to grow!

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