The I of the Storm

The eye of a hurricane is a relatively calm center, with clear skies overhead. The outer areas of the storm circulate around the eye, stirring up content and bringing movement, chaos and darkness to the forefront. The metaphor of a hurricane is a useful picture to describe the evolution of consciousness. To find our own peaceful center in the midst of the seeming chaos of the outer world is one benefit of spiritual practice.

The various storms of our lives provide us with some practice. A ‘storm” can be a health problem, a career setback, relationship pain or financial distress. These personal ‘weather systems’ teach us about our own priorities and help us cultivate inner wisdom. Life’s lessons initially hone our coping skills and indirectly impart an intangible quality, self-trust. Trust is the intangible sense that in spite of the challenge at hand, ‘all is well’.

Spiritual practice offers us inner peace and resilience without the need for a storm! The ultimate preparedness action you can take is to deepen your conscious connection to Divine Trust. There are many, many practices that help quiet the ego and reveal your inner truth. Touching this Authentic essence empowers self-trust. This is true power.

Worldly skills, money and position can be useful with respect to navigating the matrix of density consciousness. Worldly skills and success help create physical safety and stability – for a time. Once the physical needs are met one either expands the playground, seeking even more money, power or fame…or one looks deeper and begins a conscious spiritual journey. The yearning for deeper truth ignites the path of awakening.

Abraham Maslow brilliantly outlined that human beings have a hierarchy of ever-refining needs. He writes that as the basic needs (safety, shelter, food) are satisfied, mankind naturally ascends into more refined need fulfillment, such as beauty, creative expression and spiritual fulfillment.   Maslow in fact describes the natural process of ascension. And, as the journey become conscious, you are then on the path of what we call Self-Ascension.  We are traveling on an ever-refining journey of upliftment.

You can train your mind to relax it’s need to engage the chaos through spiritual practices that center your energy and also through training the mind to view the world through a more ascended context.  We invite you to explore our home study class on “Ascension and the 7 Polarities of Free Will”  – this class will help expand your understanding of the forces that affect us.

We can’t really control the weather. Life will bring its storms. With conscious intention we can cultivate an ever-deepening trust in our spiritual nature. As you lift into the truth of ascended love, you will gain ‘power’. True power does not forcibly seek to control others. True power begins with having power over your own reality! True power emanates from your Authentic Essence, the “I of the Storm”.

We love you!

Many Blessings,

Sri and Kira




Listener Comments

  1. Dear Sri and Kira,

    Thank you for this very timely article. It is a good reminder for me as my “personal weather systems”
    (love that analogy) have been a bit stormy lately . Here in Vermont there is a saying -“if you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes”. In those five minutes, I can do a spiritual practice! Thank you for
    being the guides along the way….. you enrich my life by leaps and bounds!

    1. Namaste Pat,

      Yes…it only takes minutes to completely shift one’s energy! Thanks for reminding everyone that Spiritual Practice can be easy.

      Many Blessings,
      Sri and Kira

  2. Thank you Sri and Kira, for supporting so many through all of the wisdom you share. Although, I’m staying connected to my divine nature I am also experiencing an anxiety that just doesn’t seem to lift. I’m definitely at a cross roads with a major life changing choice staring me in the face. My inner wisdom knows what choice to make, however, because it will affect so many people that I love and result in hurt feelings and discomfort for awhile, I’m also waiting and praying for divine wisdom in the timing of this choice, allowing for some preparedness to unfold for others. I admit I also have fear of ‘being wrong’ or ‘failure’. I realize I could wait indefinitely and people will still be affected, but I do sense the importance of timing on this. Between waiting and the fear of jumping into the unknown, anxiety has a hold on me…and maybe I’m just not completely ready to let go yet. I’m committed to my spiritual practices and am focused on maintaining my ascended presence no matter how challenging it is. I love the metaphor you’ve used of the storm, because I’m most definitely in it, and sometimes even after standing in the peace of the eye, the periphery pulls me toward it. All that you offer is so helpful. I would love any words of wisdom you have for me at this time.

    Blessings of light and love,

    1. Dear Julie,

      Often free-floating anxiety is a sign that the ego is letting go. LOVE YOURSELF! Take your inner child for a walk, smell the flowers, breathe deeply!

      And remember that you are not responsible for other people’s feelings. Certainly be kind and mindful, respecting timing and sometimes sharing less is wise. As long as your actions and words are based in love and authenticity, then express your truth as you are guided.

      When we are clear that it is time to move forward, then take action. To hesitate is neither kind to yourself nor others. You are ready.

      We love you.

      Many Blessings,

      Sri and Kira

  3. Dear Sri,

    Thank you for the blog. I felt the center increasingly during April. This retrograde has been so sweet for me. So much gratitude and all that has passed and for where I am now. If we really settle in the center with our Divine self, will July and August feel very stormy or will we be able to stay centered to help calm the storm?

    1. Namaste!

      Thank you for writing.
      Remember that you are sovereign. The outer world could be wildly chasing its tail, while you simply smile. 🙂

      We are all being given time to deepen our practice and to disengage from the fear-dramas of society. If enough of us radiate loving acceptance, I wonder how the outer world will respond?


  4. Hello Sri, I thank you and Kira for sharing your wisdom. I praise the day I found you guys. I watch and listen and I follow your advice and as long as I remember to stay calm, everything goes well. I also stay away from the news. I will prepare!
    Lots of love

  5. I’ve just read and savored Lesson 2 of The Twelve Lessons of Oneness. All the inner work I’ve been doing feels today like one step forward, two steps back. I’d like to declare if I just were not around certain people/family that my ‘problem’ would be solved, but it’s not that easy. I did glean much insight and support from Lesson 2 and the blog. I now claim that my divine presence is a blessing and that the presence of others is also a blessing today – even if it’s more challenging for me to see. I am so grateful for this community. Namaste.

    1. Beloved Deborah,

      Everyone, people and family, are playing a role to help you grow. Sometimes it feels really bad, however, keep forgiving yourself for the entanglements and forgive others for their acts and attitudes. You will transcend these interactions once you be at peace with yourself (and others). Yes, it is easier said than done, however, that is what we are here for…to grow through the density.

      Just keep breathing and trust; it does get easier!


      Sri and Kira

  6. Dear Sri and Kira,

    Thank you both for your loving and honest guidance with the ascension journey. I am feeling my center more and more grounded in spirit and also give you credit for blessing my life and therefore loved one’s , people I come in contact with every day.
    I used to be a person very much caught up in emotional responses, and have to smile that this center you speak of, is truly the spreading of equanimity and peace.
    The fear you spoke of in this month (May) video, can be evident in a variety of forms not necessarily only felt as “fear” I intuit.
    I try to be conscious of what we truly are” Love, Light, Divine Beings” , the rest will fall away…..being patient is a good virtue to remember at this time:)
    Namaste dear Sri and Kira

  7. Namaste Sri and Kira,

    I just wanted to say that Sunday’s radio show made such a connection with where I am now. I have a partner who is very reactive with all of the daily news (gossip, it appears to be to me now) and his reaction has had such an effect on me that I have watched myself join in with the reactions and I have been swirling around in the outskirts of the storm, obsessively looking at news articles, instead of peacefully residing in the “I”, whereas I wouldn’t have done so before, but over the weekend (even before listening to your show) I said to myself “well, what’s the worst thing that could happen?” I didn’t come up with anything to be afraid of, so decided that I would just watch from a distance and allow my partner to react while I choose otherwise.

    I have also been letting go of something over the weekend that I have found difficult to let go of up to now (it has taken me sooooooo long – years in fact!) and feel such a peace from it instead of whirling around and letting it take over. I have a little way to go before letting go completely, but I am taking it a step at a time. I feel so much better and found that my sleep had been interrupted with those things that play on my mind and didn’t realise that I am the one who is control of letting go and that it is not controlling me. I feel I am at a turning point and if I can let go completely, then I feel that my whole life will change. I only hope I can keep up the self-trust with it all.

    Sorry to be so cryptic, but it would take too long to fill in the details and I am not sure they are that important.

    With love and thanks to you both.

  8. In reading this blog, I realized my “storm” is my ego’s greatest fear – that barren hot desert feel of nothing much happening, no direction for my service to the world. I got used to those profound experiences since childhood – those synchronicities, obvious divine guidance, direction and connection, or ascension symptoms. I’m great in emergencies and chaos, not so great with slow and quiet, which has been my life for a while now. TRUST is the word here, as you reminded us, thank you! Embracing the void, the emptiness. Maybe I’m adjusting to living in my heart as the “norm” so it seems mundane?? However, each day and every day, too, has moments of such intense joy, love and gratitude that tears come. Bring it on: I am committed to being and shining out more love than ever before! I love you both!

    1. Julianne,
      just a brief response to your blog ( btw. I love this community:)!!
      …”profound experiences” regardless if joy filled or pain filled are now a choice we may allow to let go of. In my experience craving either, is just another way of attaching to the “roller coster” of ego’s way of , really feeling life, is it not?
      I like to share this with you, since my past consisted of many “emotional reactions/responses, in retrospect I now see that Spirit (if you will), was and is evident for me in quiet, subtle, loving ways (yes, that could be easily missed), if attached to the “loud” in your face motions of every day life.
      I perceive the quiet, “nothing much happening” as another way of “synchronizing “me” to the divine ascension journey. It simply is a new way to feel, perceive and love yourself 🙂
      Namaste dear Julianne

  9. Sri,

    How do we assist sensitive teens through these energies snd help them find their way into the peaceful center. I see the chaos of our world reflected very strongly within the hormonal world of the preteens . I also see my 14-year-old highly sensitive grandson struggling . I asked that he stay with me this weekend so I can work with him a little bit and would love your guidance in the best way to gently guide him so that he can regain his equilibrium .

    1. Namaste Suzanne,

      Thank you for asking about how to best support the youth at this time.

      We feel that it is about you having unshakable trust in your Divine Nature. Be confident, calm and clear. It is not what you say; it is who you are.

      Allow your energy field to inform and awaken the child’s Higher Self. Wait for their questions before sharing. When they share or ask, respond with respect and encouragement. After all, we do not grow a beautiful tree by preaching to it. 🙂

      With great love,

      Sri and Kira

      1. Thank you for the wise words. I know my sweet boy is lectured enough by his parents . I think this weekend we will just remember the love and laughter and the joy of being together in this beautiful world.

  10. Dear Sri and Kira,

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful reading on the “I” of the storm. I am feeling the several “storms” in the density world, yet I am feeling that “all is well” at the same time. It is interesting to observe these events unfolding with the sense that they are part of the journey and that one must keep moving onward while continuing to have love and understanding for oneself and others.

    Many blessings,

    1. Namaste Monica,
      Congratulations – yes, being the witness offers many gifts and opportunities for clarity.

      Keep moving forward with love.

      Many Blessings,
      Sri and Kira

  11. Dear Sri and Kira,

    during my time at home I find pleasure meditating, being still and reading spiritual enlightenment articles. This “space” is very different to my “work space”.
    Working as a nurse (12hr night shifts) i often find myself “pulled into” the 3rd dimension drama . I just don’t get how I can be so filled with spirit and peaceful and happy in my home space, but once at work, there is a different “me” taking over, so it seems. Of course there are a lot of “policies and procedures” that change, get discussed, etc. however this simply “sucks” me into the vortex of separation:(
    The thought crossed my mind to seek another job, however I know that “healthcare politics” are in most companies in healthcare. I still myself at home asking spirit to guide me without any clear “go” signs at this time.
    Would you be able to guide me?
    So much Love and many, many Blessings!!!

    1. Namaste!

      When we follow our Joy and trust our Guidance, clarity comes forward. Pay attention to what is manifesting around you. Use the Mantra of Self-Ascension and take action as you are Guided.

      Many Blessings,
      Sri and Kira

    2. Angelina,

      I completely relate to your question . I work in a business that is designed to create more money and more power for people who already have money and are powerful . while the juxtaposition of my spiritual nature and my work seeing at odds at first, I have found that the universe has placed me in exactly the right place . Opportunities and challenges arise every day that provide me with growth and allow my spirit to be an example of how to be honest and ethical and act with love . I keep certain touchstones around me when I am working , including the mantra of self ascension, a pocket sized wait sage and lavender spray infused with healing crystals, and a necklace with sacred rudrashka either under my clothing or sometimes in my pocket . I take opportunities even when I go to the restroom to recite my mantra, clear my presence with my purse spray and return to centre . I am sure if they had cameras in the stall and could see my breathe with intention the Ave-saaa breath, bring my hands together in front of my third eye …. breathing and opening my chakras… they would think I was crazy . Nurses do great work and thank you for choosing that profession. Perhaps you’ll find your own ways to remind yourself during the day that you are divine and not part of lower energies .

  12. Hi Sri and Kira,

    At the beginning of May I started a new role of which I had to wait 3 months for clearance as I support the vulnerable. 3 weeks prior starting this role I was literally homeless and sleeping in my car until I was found by the same company (homeless charity) I started work for.

    The day after I started this new job I was housed in a scheme that I would not have been able to get if I did not work. However due to the manager possibly being intimidated by my presence and field, I have been dismissed after just 4 days.

    I should’ be in despair, but at least I still have a roof over my head, even though I worry how I will pay my rent. I sense that I need to be in my own space just me and my divine presence and cultivate my true power from within.

    I feel I must utilise this time to push forward my Transpersonal psychotherapy practice and write my own blog articles…. as I have 1 more year and then I will be qualified.

    If you have any words of wisdom for me at this time I would love to hear as I feel I am also in the storm but need to move into the eye of the storm.

    Thank you always


    1. Namaste Darren,

      It was good to talk with you at our Miracle Team gathering yesterday!
      You are being given a stellar lesson in trust…breathe and be present for what is coming forward.

      We love you,
      Sri and Kira

      1. It was lovely to be able to speak with you both also, I never expected that.

        Your words and guidance have empowered me to connnect to my own higher presence and they are encouraging me to get through this time.

        Thank you Sri and Kira

        Many blessings to you both


  13. I would like to thank you both for the radio show today. In particular, the comment Sri shared about reassuring the ego. “If I wasn’t good enough I wouldn’t be here and I wouldn’t have this in front of me.” I don’t have it exact. I have heard this said before, by both Sri and Kira and this is the first time I have received it so fully into my heart. Thank you so very much, this is very powerful and now I have let it in.

    With Gratitude and Joy,

  14. Oh, my goodness. I LOVE this community. So many expressive soul that are able to express through written communication what I cannot always express.
    Thank you for offering this safe space.



  15. Dear Sri and Kira,
    thank you so much for your support in these times. It is so good to know where to go when ego is running panic.
    In this time of ascension I have this strong feeling inside of me, of no more being able doing things that don’t match with my inner sense of being.
    I thought I always would be able to stay in alignment inside and do things in the outside that the “world” insists on, like doing my job for my living. I tried so hard that I ended with burn-out. Not because I had so much work to do, but because there is no more passion for my job. Although it is a good job.
    Now I am at a point where I know that I can’t go back but I have absolutely no perspective what lies ahead. I’m at a cross point in my life. I love life. But it frightens me, that I see no way back to A job (trading time for money) because my mind is running crazy. (he sees no other way)
    Do you have some words for me …. in times when you know you have to turn your back on something but have no idea what lies ahead?

    Thank you so much for your support and love.

    Many blessings to you wonderful beings


    1. Namaste!

      Thank you for sharing. It is important to honor your passion and to follow your Joy.

      Yes, there are times in our life when we are asked to trust without knowing any details. This can be a most powerful period.

      We suggest that you journal every day, use The Mantra of Self-Ascension, and be willing to follow energy as opposed to facts. 🙂 That is, do not let fear dictate your choices, follow your passion and let Spirit rearrange the physical circumstances.

      With love,
      Sri and Kira

  16. Dear Sri and Kira,
    I’m so glad you’re here to support us all during this very eye-opening, powerful time, thanks so much! Lately I’ve been dealing with self-doubt and lack of confidence, the mercury retrograde and this full moon really dug deep within my spirit bringing forth energies I’m not sure what to do with. Any guidance on how to work through this? I KNOW I am powerful, that I am confident, but there seems to be something ‘in the way,’ or a ‘blockage’ of some sort. Because usually, as a Leo sign, self confidence isn’t an issue for me like it’s been the past month. I love you! 🙂 XO

    1. Namaste Benjamin,

      All of us have areas of blockage or resistance from time to time.
      With trust in your heart, slow down and breathe consciously — simply ‘notice’ your experience without judging yourself. You will discover that the blockage starts to soften and information comes forward. If you notice and unpleasant thoughts or feelings, then send them to the container with a ‘thank you’!

      Presence heals!

      Much love,
      Sri and Kira

  17. I love your I of the Storm teaching. There is a lot of wisdom packed into a very small space there. In the past I have lost my divine connection as soon as the storm has passed in my life. But now I am working on making the divine connection a daily part of my life. I have a little white silk bag with my SAFE space inside. It is a picture of the Andes, a crystal angel gifted to me by my husband from beyond the grave and crystals for my ascended chakras that need focus. I am really enjoying following your teachings since November 2016. I heard about you from a Vedic astrologer on Youtube.

    The mercury retrograde has given me a kick start in detaching from the collective storm. I don’t watch TV or read papers but I was obsessively on Twitter arguing for an independent Scotland since 2014 (in real earnest). From time to time I deactivate my account just to get a break but this time I left it over a month and it is permanently deleted by accident. And I don’t care I am much happier ! I think certain parts of social media have been infiltrated by paid trolls and it was becoming pointless anyhow.

    I am sure Spirit has it all under control. I just do angel healings for peace now if I get sucked into the storm again. Really gets my goat at times. Ancestral karma I think. Too much ‘history’ in the UK unfortunately..

    Thank you so much for the work you do and the healing energy you share,
    All the best and lots of love,

    1. Namaste!

      Sometimes we revisit ‘friction’ in order to cultivate greater clarity!!!

      Many Blessings.

      Sri and Kira

  18. Dear Sri and Kira,
    I am having some “issues in the tissues”,
    With what I thought was a slow thyroid but turns out
    To be more of a hypothalamus pituitary issue.
    How can I discern between this being an AAE or a blockage in
    A chakra- that is bringing forth something g to be healed?
    Or is it both?
    In either case what can I do to help bring healing to my body?
    Much love,

    1. Namaste Pat,

      Presence heals.

      Bring your loving non-judgmental awareness inward and simply ‘ask’ for information. Allow the revelation to come forward. By slowing down our thoughts and expanding our presence, messages from Spirt are more easily received.

      You are all ready ‘paying attention’…now relax a bit further into self-love and listen!

      Many Blessings,

      Sri and Kira

  19. Hello beautiful community! I love the messages here and am so grateful for this space that feels so nourishing…I wonder for those of us who do trust the process, who live in this world but not of it, who wish to be of service in love for our highest purposes…what can we do when there is this stuck energy…for myself..the density of my physical form mimics this stagnancy in what direction I am going in..I wish to create, to be of service, to thrive…what is holding it all back…I know that I need to make the first move but towards what and where. I know that if I begin, one breadcrumb will lead to the next…so much love to my brothers and sisters who occupy this space with me…I wish to invite the magic in…please help..

    1. Namaste Heather,

      ‘One breadcrumb will lead to the next” – trust your own beautiful words! Mindfulness, service, sacred intentions and actions – these “breadcrumbs” all combine to support living an ascended life. You are already on your way!

      The Container Practice helps us take responsibility for our dysfunctional moments. Bring presence to your self-love, trust your Guidance and redirect your thoughts toward the sacred.

      Your life is your spiritual practice!

      Many Blessings,
      Sri and Kira

  20. Hi Sri and Kira,
    This journey has felt somehow very lonely for me, in fact my lifetime has been of me standing alone so to speak. I know I am not alone in this..ha ha..
    I feel as though something is coming but try as I might to not wait for “this”..I am unclear of my next steps. I feel as though I should make some motion towards anything. A few weeks ago things cooked up and it was exciting, and now they are flat again.
    I want to be of purpose, I want to create a life bigger than my mind can even conjure, I want to serve in this lifetime.
    In service

  21. Hi Sri and Kira,
    As you mentioned in the June energy revelation video, Im having very strong ascension symptoms these few days already. Especially heartburn and shortness of breath. I have done everything you listed in your post on but the heartburn doesnt seem to ease up. Could you recommend anything else I could do? Maybe a special mediation or something?
    Im grateful for you! Thank you!

    1. Namaste Amy,

      Thank you for writing.

      What are you not digesting? Heartburn can be a sign that more love is needed both in the food preparation and in the way you are nourishing yourself.

      Use the heartburn to gather a deeper understanding of your needs and your process. And, you do not need to suffer; after journaling and noticing your process then consider taking an anti-acid! As long as your heartburn is not a physical symptom related to diet and stress, this phase should soon pass.

      Shortness of breath is a call to presence – slow down! Just taking 120-seconds of deep conscious breathing can help you more easily integrate the frequencies.

      It all comes down to self-love, patience and trusting your Soul…you are doing this! Keep going.

      Much love,

      Sri and Kira

  22. For the past several years I have asked for my souls purpose to be revealed, that I am to be used in service to something bigger than myself. I still do not know what that is, but have resigned to allow it to unfold.
    I heard myself say that I also wanted an intimate partnership that served the deepest parts of myself and the other but also to serve this world. I felt the air leaving the frightened me a bit on one hand because I was not aware of this very tall order. I wondered if in fact it is what I truly wanted..but I believe I want that for all facets of my life now..but it feels so big, and has left me feeling overwhelmed and as if everything is even farther in the distance than before. ?

    1. Beloved Heather!

      We honor your commitment and your vulnerability. Ask that “the Highest be served’ as you relax into your Soul’s timing. Sometimes we must cycle through relationships before we gain the experience needed for true partnership. And, sometimes we must also have periods of time without a relationship as we learn to love ourselves more deeply.

      Your life is a sacred journey…trust yourself!

      Many Blessings,
      Sri and Kira

  23. Thank you for June! And thank you for your energetic and joyful forecasts!
    Suddenly I am on the track again! It is intersting to see, how the chaos I experienced in the beginning of this year is turning to something meanigful! I was thinking that time, that I was focusing on wrong things. Now it seems to me that actually, thise focus points were meaningful to me and have taken me forward in my life!

    Especially after the 9th of June Full Moon I got clarity about my direction, about what to do next! It is a wonderful feeling! It is difficult to act efficiently when I feel that I walk in the fog! Now the sky looks bright and sunny again!

    One of the most delightful feelings I got recently is fullfillment. I clearly understood that I have everything I need or want. Just at the moment I own very little, but I have everything! I realized this by contrast: I met a person who, in my opinion, had achieved a lot: he has his own business etc. But ironically he seemed to be envy at me! I can’t understand, when he is his own boss,why he can not have time to relax, have sports etc.! When I was lisstening to his complainings I understood what I’ve created for myself already! I am very thankful for my freedom! I appreciate what I have, a lot! I appreciate the knowledge I have got from you and others! It is everything!

    Me, too, want to have my own business, but it is more a lifestyle than a job! I will definitely have time for meditation and yoga!

    I just have to regognice all what I have – which is everything- and use all I have properly, for to expand!

    I’ve never before felt so rich as I now feel! This is wonderful!

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