Commanding The Light

You are commanding the light right now, whether you know it or not! Why not do this more consciously?

Many people talk about manifesting abundance, co-creating and the Law of Attraction. There are many methods that enhance your capacity to consciously manifest . And, there are indeed “laws” that describe how consciousness can be applied.

For example, there is truth in the phrases: “What you focus on expands” and “what you resist will persist”. These laws offer basic training, inviting each of us to pay attention to our lives. It can be useful to reflect on what is growing/expanding in your life?

Are your fears growing? Or is your peace of mind growing? How about Self-Trust and Joy; are they growing? As you reflect honestly on your life experience, you can see for yourself how your consciousness is participating with Creation. Your subconscious beliefs are calling experiences into your life…through journaling and reflection, these unconscious beliefs can be made conscious and then healed.

We all continue to evolve day by day…trust yourself to grow!

The practices we shared in our recent radio show, Commanding The Light, are intended to help you create from your soul consciousness. First clear your emotional body of distractions so that you can enter into a calm centered place. Then use the visualizations we shared and simply notice how it feels.

Listener Comments

  1. Yes, Yes, Yes, expanding your radio show would be Awesome!!!! I look forward to your show every Sunday and even though I’m not the caller….one of the calls hits it on the nail for me each week. Sometimes I’m just smiling, saying to myself….yep, yep, I do need to keep it up and other times I’m in tears of recognition of a revelation. Namaste Sri and Kira, I’m so thankful I have found your show and teachings, it has changed my life and I’m on this ride of surprises around every corner….it never gets boring. Many blessings.

    1. Namaste Jill,
      We are delighted to receive your feedback…just keep smiling! And when a smile seems un-natural a deep clearing breath should help restore your Joy. 🙂
      Many Blessings,
      Sri and Kira

  2. Dear Sri and Kira,

    I have been using the five steps you gave us during the “Commanding the Light” show almost daily now. I start my day with calling in Crystalline light into myself and my living space ,and then again when I get to my office before clients come in. I love to use all three forms of it- the light, gel and fairy dust.
    What I have noticed in my clients is a greater acceptance of their process and transformation as they go through the session. I can see greater alignment in their bodies but the real change is much deeper and seems to radiate out from them. Most clients sense it as well even if they cannot put words to it.
    I also have noticed changes in myself- I laugh more, am less caught up in ego and less tired from working with people who come in greatly unbalanced in their bodies.
    Wow! This has made my life much more JOY filled and flowing.

    I have been working with the picture of the mountain you sent in the newsletter and as Sri said really
    breathing in the energy of being there. I have noticed the Crystalline Light streaming out from that mountain to me is like a column of blue light- in that there is much light around every particle but radiating a blue color. (hard to put into earthly words). I wonder if you could say a little about this energy?

    Much Love and Gratitude and hugs, Pat

    1. Namaste Pat,
      Thank you for sharing your results with the “Commanding the Light” practices. Yes, they do work and YES, the shift can seem subtle yet true empowerment begins with acceptance, as you reported. Keep going!

      We love to hear that you are laughing more; a sign of buoyancy!

      Regarding the “blue light” – that is a signal, a blessing, that you are indeed connecting with the essence of the transcendent crystalline energy. Breathe in the blue and notice. You may find that it wants to expand your crown area…just relax and notice!

      Not everyone sees the blue, yet EVERYONE who sincerely connects with the mountain will receive a blessing. We all experience energy in different ways. They key is to bring Love and Presence to our spiritual practices.

      Many Blessings,
      Sri and Kira

    2. Namaste Pat!
      Yes Yes and YES!!! I’ve been experiencing the same with myself and clients too! I too have been using the practices along with contract release statements since “Commanding the Light” show everyday which has amplified miracles and manifestations. With my clients I’ve pretty much have had the same experience as you. I had a few who work in mainstream medicine, have that look of …”I don’t know what just happened, but I feel great and want more!” hahaha!

      I would like to ask if you’ve been experiencing synchronicity with repeating numbers? I thought it was perfect timing at the end of the April video the mention to the Ascended Numerology class. Sometimes I feel like these shows are speaking only to me but it’s exciting to know so many others are having similar experiences.

      Also as Sri & Kira mentioned in this months video, many people are being called to relocate to other places. I too have had this message come in quite clearly with full force….”go back home to Hawaii, give back and assist Gaia in her healing,” followed with angelic numerology confirmations. I’m not even from Hawaii but know I have to relocate there.

      Well that’s it for now but I bless you and the rest of the family within this community with love, light and abundance.
      P.S- I’d love to share this blessing of music with all to watch and enjoy
      Many Blessings,

  3. Hi! Namaste to you both. I heard last weeks show about the safe place. I have an amazing meditation space in my home. Last year I was drawn to the country of Ecuador!!! I heard you were there in this weeks show. I was at an elevation of 7,200 ft approximately. Yay for me because I bought an oil painting of the river, mtn, and lush landscape. I put it in my meditation room above my alter! So I didn’t have to do anything for my safe place. I didn’t fare so well at staying in the bubble last week though. Rough ride. Lots of opposing energies . Overall this month has been amazing. I’m just about to publish my book and I completed my Reike Holy Fire level II practitioner! I didn’t go out much do to being tired from a lot of energy pouring through my crown. Lots of self care. Thank you so much for being here to guide all of us through these times. Namaste

    1. Namaste Shelly!
      Thank you for sharing. Yes, the ride has some speed bumps! The key is to re-collect yourself as soon as you notice any discomfort. Each of us has our unique path of Service and Connection. We celebrate yours! 🙂
      Many Blessings,
      Sri and Kira

  4. Namaste Family of Light,
    The more a person does the Practices in regards to Commanding the Light, the more one touches in with being calm and being free of distractions. Freeing yourself of distractions literally frees your energy bodies; and this creates a feeling of being light. I really do like how it feels to be light. Light in mind, light in body, light in emotions, and light in spirit. Funny how it can be so easy NOT to do the practices with commanding your light, even though it makes one feel tremendously vital and lifted. I have truly found in these moments of not wanting to give to myself is when I say to myself, “Fake it, to you make it.” as Sri and Kira have appropriately offered to us. Eventually one will not have to fake it. May we all willingly want to lift and feel light. Feel free and want to do the practices until it is not a practice anymore. It is a way of Being. It is us, it is humanity, it is natural, it is Gaia. Until such time, I am practicing. And when I don’t feel like it, I do it anyways and the feeling afterwards propels me and encourages me to do again. Keep practicing until it is second nature…until it is my nature. So be it. May this Expand.
    As for extending the length of the radio show, I am all for it as long as you all have the energy and means to do it on your end. It sounds supportive for all, if it is in the flow. A gigantic amount of thank you’s for Being to you Kira and Sri.

    1. Namaste!

      Thank you for your wise sharing. It is important to remember: “Your life is your spiritual path”

      Every hour of every day is ‘practice’. Smile at the lapses of attention; celebrate your return to Presence. With a bit of time, self-love and commitment you will anchor “Ascended Living”.

      Many Blessings,

      Sri and Kira

  5. “Self-ascension with a little help from your friends” would not only make a Great song title … it also makes a Good mantra to remind us that we are not alone … especially with fearless friends like you, Sri & Kira. You patiently take the time to constantly remind us to just breathe, relax, remember, and most of all enjoy this once in a life-time cosmic experience. Thanx for wanting to be with us.

    Looking back at what I’ve experienced and learned, I am now much much less concerned about doing the “wrong” thing. (Is there even such a thing?) I have truly enjoyed shifting from the physical 3-D focus on “tangible content/s” to the metaphysical beyond 3-D focus on “feeling content”. Contently living my passion seems to be my purpose here on Earth at least at this time. How much better can it get? I know … the time that doesn’t really exist will tell … for all of us my Dearest Friends & Family.

    Love & Light shine on always & in all ways … Joyce

  6. Wooooo! Today’s show….POWERFUL! Tears, energy & tons and tons of LOVE.

    Thank you Family! And thank you Sri & Kira for bringing this community together.

    1. Namaste Julie!

      Non-Interference is an important understanding to grasp. First, we must accept that all (ALL BEINGS) are engaged on their spiritual journey and that all are “finding their way”. If you accept this truth, then we can cultivate the knowing that each person is acquiring the lessons and experiences they need for their growth. Thus to interfere with another (to step in because you think you know better) is to rob them of their growth. Sometime we must allow others to experience defeat or pain so that they can cultivate their inner wisdom and find their inner strength.

      It can get a little tricky when you see that someone is doing something that could be unsafe or might harm themselves or others. In this situation I ask myself “what would love do here?” and I trust my heart. For example, I might interrupt a person just for a moment and tell them that I respect them and I want the best for them, and then ask if they have considered ‘X, Y, Z possible outcomes’. Then I stand aside. You have stimulated awareness while respecting their Free Will. Remember no-one enjoys unsolicited advice!

      The same principle applies toward ourselves. Do you allow others to dictate your choices? Do you limit yourself based upon the opinion of others? If so, then you might be allowing others to interfere with your path. Seeking Guidance is an act of wisdom – honoring your Inner Knowing is also an act of wisdom and self-respect. We learn to filter advice and wisdom and apply only that which seems useful. In this fashion we remain sovereign; we remain the empowered chooser.

      Life is a journey of choices. We begin anew in each moment; and the wisdom gained from the past informs the choices of tomorrow.

      Many Blessings,


      1. Nameste Sri,

        Truly, words to live by! Thank you so much for sharing your wisedom; as always, I am humbled.

        I want to sprinkle seeds from your garden in the paths of others who appear to be searching for authentic answers. Would that be interfering? If not, where would you have me leave bread crumbs? The Universe is so VERY BIG and you both, All, have generously provided so many AMAZING resources that my jaw drops wondering where to point to your door.

        I so anxiously await your reply; as I feel like a new bird just hatched, and the first thing I want to do is see the Beloved in my path Awaken and release their wings too!

        Peace, Love & Joy


        1. Namaste Julie!

          What a sweet metaphor! Of course, sprinkle seeds and crumbs as you feel called…just don’t throw them at people! LOL. 🙂

          “Respectful sharing can be caring”

          Many Blessings,

  7. Hello!

    My name is Derek (from Minnesota ) and I called in on April 2nd. I felt called to connect with Sri and Kira and tuned into the show during my break. I stayed on as long as I could because I work every Sunday so I would like to apologize for taking up space when another caller easily could have received a message. It is so funny because right when I hung up the phone, it appears my line was selected. Amazing how things work out like that! I would love for you guys to extend your radio show, the information shared has greatly enhanced my spiritual practice. This coming show I will try to call in and hopefully will be able to connect with you all.

    I am beginning to work with the ascension energy activator as well as creating my S.A.F.E. space within my home. I have been feeling called to relocate to the state of Arizona where I was born, but I have been doubting this intuition. I feel as though I am also supposed to drop out of college as it doesn’t seem to serve me but I am fearful of this change in my life. I am finally rekindling a relationship with my mother and other things seem to be keeping me here. But inside, I am not happy. I am quite confused. My awakening began after a tragic senior year of high school that left my life in shambles. I feel like I am finally getting the pieces together and moving again but I am only 20 years old and trying to find my purpose. How can I dive into my deeper knowings and connect with myself? Any insight on this tumultuous time in my life would be greatly appreciated as I feel stuck and stagnant.

    Many Blessings to all my family that read this post.


    1. Namaste Derek,

      Thank you for sharing!

      You are indeed ‘on your way’ !

      Remember, the purpose of pain is to invite consciousness to expand and allow healing to happen. So …many of our growth experiences start with pain.

      Use this time to deepen your inner relationship, that is, to get clear on your needs and wants and love yourself more. As you dwell in your SAFE place, and listen inwardly, you will strengthen your self-trust.

      The outer world will ‘fall into place’ as you do this. 🙂

      We love you!

      Many Blessings,
      Sri and Kira

  8. Hello!

    About your radio show:
    I feel that it is good as it is! You know: you can not make a good novel better by making it longer! It becomes boring. Or movies that are too long…
    I feel about one hour is a good time. There are lots of things to think about already! It is wonderful to wait for the next show and while waiting, to lissten to the show again. I find every time new ideas that I did not catch the first time!
    So, innreality it is already more than an hour!

  9. My apologies for going off topic in this message but I had difficulty listening to the show you referenced above (probable difficulty on my end). However I’d still like to make the following comments:

    Thank you Sri and Kira for doing what you do and being who you are. I only found and have been following you for some months now since last year, and while I sometimes (especially in the beginning) find it hard to understand some concepts and terminology you use (just because you’re way beyond my abilities), I’ve found you to be sincere and and perhaps the most willing teachers I’ve seen that want to help others ascend. I sense this in your attitudes and especially in the way you price your classes as reasonably as you can. As someone who is dealing with significant health issues and on assistance, I very much appreciate this.

    One question I’d like your help on is on how to focus on all the great information that your sites offer. As a new person to your information, is there a possible sequence or method you can recommend to guide me through it all? Or can you only refer me back to my own guidance (which I have done, starting with your recent 12 Rays class in January along with various recent radio shows, free classes, and today I purchased your Ascended Astrology course). Any thoughts you have would be appreciated. Thank you!

    1. Namaste Enzo,
      Thank you for your kind writing. We understand that many of the words and topics we share could seem foreign and we respect your willingness to ask questions! We strongly recommend that you find a copy of our first book: “Sacred Union, the Journey Home” as it offers timeless and truly valuable information on Self-Ascension and you will get a deeper glimpse into Sri and Kira as people. (The book is at Amazon and it is an engaging read.)

      We believe that our teachings and energies need to be widely available and thus we establish prices (energy exchange) for our programs to be fair and affordable. We are at an auspicious time of awakening on the planet and it is important that people have access to authentic information. Trust your heart to guide you – every step of the way!

      As far as programs go, check out “Ascended Sanity” and then “Ascended Abundance”. These classes will re-organize your energy field so that you start ‘seeing more” and understanding your life from an ascended perspective. Finally! Please consider taking “Navigating the Inner Matrix” with a coach – this is a 9-week program that will empower you, no matter what your beliefs. The Inner Matrix class is potent and proven!

      Final note: As your vibration lifts, more Joy will into your life and many health problems fade naturally. Trust your Journey!

      Many Blessings,

      Sri and Kira

  10. Hi Sri and Kira! I just want to give you a big Mahalo *and hug* for reading my email on the air the other day! It made me SO HAPPY!! My email was the one regarding “what if we are not feeling the ascension symptoms?” 🙂 Thank you so much for your message. I guess it is not a coincidence that everywhere I turn people are telling me to listen to my intuition! I need to trust and follow it! I also wanted to share with you that immediately following that email, guess what?! I started getting a flood of symptoms! What I realized was that the feelings of muscle pains/stiffness and cold symptoms were old residue coming to the surface – things I need to face, clear, cleanse, detox, and RELEASE and LET GO of! Speaking of manifestation and Commanding the Light – I guess it truly is “be careful what you wish for”! I was unconsciously asking for ascension symptoms and boy did the Universe hear my plea! So now, my focus will be on healing, releasing, and loving. I have also been incorporating the Container Practice! Thank you! With so much love, Namaste.

  11. Thank you Sri and Kira for all of the classes, your radio shows, and for the amazing amazing products at I appreciate how you have paid so much attention to the details with each beautiful rudraksha and Shiva eye piece. They definitely hold their own energy and are so supportive to me. I have been following your teachings for quite a few years now…since about 2010 I think.When I take a step back and look at the big picture, I can see that the gifts and lessons have been extensive. I am always amazed at the fact that in EVERY radio show something comes up that I feel speaks to me directly.

    Working with all of my different tools and the different practices I have collected over the years – I definitely feel that everything is coming together, especially in these recent months. Today, as I wear my cosmic heart connector, I can feel my heart opening, expanding, offering and receiving Love with the Universe. I recently went to our local Wal Mart – for the first time in months (I try to avoid it!). It felt so strange to be there – I felt like I was looking with different eyes. At first I thought this was because I simply hadn’t been there in so long, but then I began to realize that I was seeing with a more fully opened Third Eye. I couldn’t see anything different with my physical eyes, but I ‘knew what I saw’ in a different way than ever before. As I stood in the “self serve” check out line waiting for my turn I saw that some people were lovely to watch, full of joy, others were harder to see but I could look on them without judgment, just knowing I didn’t want to be in their presence for long. I thank them all for playing their parts – and I used the container practice when I got out to the car!
    Thank you for what you do!! Love and blessings!

  12. Thank you both so much! Im grateful to have found and followed you through my most heart-broken time. To connect with your messages help me find tremendous amount of strength for myself, excitements for life and love for my divine partner, whom Im currently in physical separation. I know its only 3D illusion because I feel it in every cells of my body that we are always connected. I love you both! I just want to express my gratitude to you and this community!

  13. Dear Jessica, Joni and Amy,

    Thank you for your heart-centered sharing. We are delighted to witness your recognitions, actions and self-trust.


    Thank you for being part of our community.

    Many Blessings,

    Sri and Kira

  14. Sri and Kira,
    Thank you for all of your guidance you give to people, like me, who are finding their way through the density and into the light of their own being. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without you as one of my resources for the past several months. You’ve provided a place for me to go when I need reassurance and energy to move forward into the truth of my heart. I, as with many others, have been on a long journey back home to the divine light within. The very obvious changes and the intensity of this personal transformation began two years ago, however, as I look back on my life I realize that I’ve been journeying this way since about 1999. Although, I have much to be grateful for, in the dismantling of my egoic beliefs over the past two years I now recognize that I have lived a life and made choices based on limited belief systems and outside influences, adapting myself to what I thought was the ‘correct’ way to live. It can be rather devastating to the mind, body, and spirit to have unveiled how out of alignment you are with your natural state of being and the truth of your heart. However, I have rejoiced as well, in the beauty and miracle of love’s grace and have discovered underneath all of limitations, fears, and judgment, a radiant being ready, willing, and calling to serve. I am not there yet and am using so many of your tools that you’ve given on a daily basis to help maintain my connection, as I have many changes and choices to make that will affect a lot of people. What I feel coming is my own liberation, that will look to others as a selfish and crazy act at first, but over time, I feel that many will see the wisdom behind my choices and, if chosen, will experience their won liberation. I actually sent an email to you a couple weeks ago that included a poem that came streaming through me one day as I pondered all that is transpiring in my life. Maybe you’ll see it sometime. Anyway, every morning and every night I go into my ‘safe room’ and go through a series of practices, I’ve learned from you, prior to my meditation, so thank you! If you have any words of wisdom or intuitive guidance for what I’ve shared I would be so appreciative. I go back and forth a lot between knowing and confusion. However, in the confusion I am now able to still pray, call to divine guidance for assistance, use the tools of self ascension, and am able to maintain my way. Thank you again for the love that you are. I’m so excited for my service to unfold so that I can be love for others in more expanded ways than I am now. Love and light to you both. Namaste

    1. Namaste Julie,

      Thank you for your sincere sharing.

      As we wobble between confusion and clarity, density and joy: we discover more clearly how we find ourselves stuck.
      The wobble can actually build your discernment. Just pay attention and capture the lessons so that you don’t have to repeat the energies too often!

      We love you,

      Sri and Kira

  15. Command the light because you ARE Light, when we rise above the 3D virtual reality constructs, distractions and smoke screens, and live from our HEART, we’ll find the confidence and courage we need. Why? Because it already exists within us, right now. We no longer need to obtain “permission” or “approval” of commanding the light as we are free; and, no longer must we operate in fear, because we are LOVE. Everything we need is already inside of us.

    Sri and Kira, I’ve never mentioned this to you before…but in 2015 when by “chance” I came across your work for the first time, and listened to your radio show, it felt like I already ‘knew’ you! It kept crossing my mind, “these cool people seem familiar to me.” And I bet there’s a reason too. We’re all more connected than we sometimes realize! I just wanted to share that with you both.

    Great blog!
    With Love to Infinity,
    Benjamin Bubb

  16. Gracious Greetings One & ALL,

    For me the “I AM” bounties & blessings in the center of every storm are the biggest, brightest, & best when shared. Luckily, frequently, I can hold space for many of those who are near & dear to me in 3-D in this lifetime to also enter and enjoy the eye of the storm’s bounties & blessings. That is shear ecstasy for me. But … my sheer agony comes when they leave. Believe me I understand that they must for a variety of reasons.

    I know I can’t always do things “for” others, but what is the sense of doing things “without” others?
    I can always keep going forward … working beyond 3-D, but why am I so drawn/compelled to keep going back to 3-D? Tears don’t deter me. For through each tear I see their rainbow crystalline beauty with each and every departure. I take a breath and start all over again.

    Love & Light … Joyce … Always & in All ways

    1. Namaste Joyce,

      Your sharing beautifully describes your process, thank you. Of course sharing with others can amplify the joy while letting go offers lessons of transcendence!

      Sometimes we step back into old patterns just to capture more ‘juice’ and then quickly step out, and at other times we are not challenging our habits.

      Keep taking those heart-centered breaths and smile at your own process.

      We love you,

      Sri and Kira

  17. Namaste. I enjoy listening to the radio broadcasts a few days late. In the session two weeks ago Kira made a comment about ascension symptoms and mentioned “blood and tissue”. Was this said metaphorically, or as an actual symptom? I ask since I have been experiencing the elimination of both physically on and off for a matter of months. There does not seem to be illness type symptoms attached to this. But it is very disconcerting. Can you elaborate on your comment? Thank you. Kathy

    1. Namaste Kathryn,

      Kira’s comments are often both metaphorical and actual. Each person will gather wisdom in different ways.

      Here is a suggestion that might support you: Take time to create a safe meditative space. Hold a deep loving presence for your body. You might even place a hand on an area that is affected. Be quiet, breathe rhythmically and calmly and offer the energy of loving acceptance to your body part and yourself. Simply hold a calm accepting awareness. And then mentally ask: “What am I to know about this at this time?” Be present to thoughts, pictures, emotions and physical sensations. (You may want to journal.) No matter what is revealed, send a ‘thank you” to your body and yourSelf. Then you can ask: “Is there more?”

      All bodily symptoms are a call for awareness — use your body’s signals to deepen your wisdom and spiritual connection.

      We love you!

      Sri and Kira

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