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November 11:   Ready to shift your Life?
Discover What Happens When You Say "YES"!

"Yes" is a  a power-filled expression that ignites our manifested creative power to arise and flourish!

There is magic in this awareness and with the energy of this moment, Sri & Kira stand with clarity and remind us that we ARE THE BELOVED and WE ARE THE CREATIVE force in our lives.

Tune in and simply relax into divine inspiration! This is a great show you will want to listen to over and over again.

This show is LIVE!  Your questions and mini soul reading requests are welcome!

Due to the tragic fire in Paradise, California, we are unable to accept phone calls.  However, we will be looking at emails in real time.

Listen to this dynamic show here:

Join Sri & Kira, Deva Premal, Dee Wallace,
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Coming November 18: Mercury Retrograde and YOU!!

The energy of this moment is beyond most words and as Mercury has now entered its direct phase ANOTHER moment to CHOOSE is at hand!

The distinctive energetic differences between Positivity and Negativity are heating up. Sri & Kira offer tangible and effective ways to claim your best life through this moment!

This show is LIVE and your calls and mini soul reading requests welcomed! Remember to call in early as the lines fill fast!

This show is LIVE and the phone lines are open!  Your questions and mini soul reading requests are welcome!

Sri and Kira LIVE is now simulcasting at!  Check it out!