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Coming June 17: Calling Forward True Balance

The Solstice arrives this week and with it comes that rare moment of “stillness” that is yours to harvest and claim!

Imagine your life with everything in HARMONY and BALANCE! YES!!!   This is available to you easily as the energy of the planet carries the support you are ready to enjoy.

Awaken even more to the illusion for what it is and to the gift of your awakened presence to assist the balance to be restored. This extra amplification at the time of the Solstice, can quickly be called forward CONSCIOUSLY and SINCERELY!

Passionate action restores balance…Spiritual Activism feeds the planetary thought body. Sri & Kira have so much to share today!
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Coming June 24: Awareness, Experience, Choice!

As June comes to a close humanity has navigated the 3 energies of Spiritual Activism. What has the awareness of crossing from a “me to a we” energy brought forward?

What is the GIFT YOU CAN CLAIM into your life TODAY?

The experience of swimming through judgment and the Choice of transcending or continuing to anchor density within is a life shifting experience that is yours to make now!

Today Sri & Kira illuminate the bigger picture of the June journey and prepare us all for what is next! A big show filled with A-Ha moments!

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