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May 20:
The Authenticity Commitment: Opening all the doors!

Authenticity!  Simply connecting with this word ignites multitudes of opinions, attitudes and beliefs.  What does Authenticity look like when your divine nature is ignited and your eyes open to the greater realities beyond the 3-D?

Today, Sri & Kira invite you to consider the miracle presence that is yours to harvest NOW when you “wake up” the your personal Authenticity and begin to experience your life with all the doors fully open!  Imagine the gifts that are waiting for you!  A power-filled show that you will want to listen to again and again!

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Coming May 27: Claiming YOUR BIGGER Picture! Fear-less-ly!

The 3-D is doing its best to throw as much your way as it can!  Whether it is “news” from any source, friends in distress, or simply the challenge of navigating being awake on a daily basis, there IS A BIGGER PICTURE and it is YOURS TO CLAIM!

Inviting yourself to flourish as you step into the bigger picture of your life in mastery is simple…and it may not be easy!  There are steps you can take to claim this expanded recognition into your life TODAY and with each step feel the fear release!  Sri & Kira have been there and today they share how you can take these steps with Peace, Love and Joy!

This show is LIVE and the phone lines are open!  Your questions and mini soul reading requests are welcome!