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July 15: Spiritual Awakening…How to anchor the gift of your true self!


“We fall asleep so that we may heal…AND…when we are healed…we awaken!”

This beautiful reminder calls us all to recognize that regardless of what the mind of density may try to tell us, as we awaken we are HEALING!

Sure there may be moments where that truth is challenged however the deeper the sleep the greater the potential to be WIDE AWAKE!   Navigating the myriad of experiences of your awakening is a journey unique to each being AND there are simple yet effective ways to make it easier and long lasting!


Sri & Kira have dedicated the past 15 years of their lives to assisting everyone who feels called to joy-fully stabilize into their awakened presence. For sure you want to tune in to this extraordinary show!
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Coming July 22: What is Ascension Awareness - and why should you know?

Lifting into the bliss of Ascension Awareness is a moment of freedom that is yours to claim at any time.  What if EVERYTHING you have experienced was merely a divine “setup” to assist you to remember?

Ascension Awareness is a  gift from the universe that is orchestrated to do everything possible so that YOU can THRIVE and ASCEND into your divine nature WHILE STILL CARRYING YOUR BODY!

Imagine the life that is yours to claim through this process that takes you from the vast playground of Spiritual Activism and LIFTS YOU up and through the perceptions that seek to keep you “down”!

Sri & Kira share how you can accomplish this in a fast paced show that will invite your mind to release and your heart to expand!  Ready for your Ascension Awareness to come forward?  Join us!

This show is LIVE and the phone lines are open!  Call 888-627-6008.  Your questions and mini soul reading requests are welcome!