The Revolution

The Revolution

Through Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa

Archangel Zadkiel speaks:
It is with great joy to be here with you, for the revolution has already begun! What is a revolution? It is important to understand what a revolution is as there are many ways that this word is used. The revolution we speak of is the revolution of the Reunion.

A revolution of the sun is not the same as a revolution of consciousness, or is it? Is not all a revolution? Is not all reunification? Is not all returning? Is not all offering back to itself? Yes!

When one moves forward, the consciousness of evolution becomes a revolution at the time of the reunification.

The Energy of Moving Forward: Spinning and Churning

You are moving forward into the time of the great energetic expansion and upliftment into Divine Galactic Re-membrance. As you remember yourself ever more, the revolution within initiates. You spin and churn, and everything that goes with it!

Within the spinning and the churning, there are extraordinary experiences. There are the physical experiences that are not always so fun. Sometimes may feel that you have churned enough for ten people. Maybe you are. And perhaps you are spinning and churning for a thousand people…ten thousand…one hundred thousand.

Through this experience you will remember, that through this spinning and churning, the revolution of the clock of consciousness continues. Within the revolution of this clock of consciousness, one effortlessly again recognizes Oneness. Through this recognition of Oneness, all that is the ego, or Gunas reveals itself.

Oneness Recognition and the Gunas

There are three Gunas that exist in this realm. These Gunas, these ways that your emotional, physical, and spiritual body express on this planet now are all interwoven.

How many times have you touched bliss?

Whether aware or not, you have touched bliss. How many times have you touched the depths of that which feels like what you would call hell? How many times have you simply been existing, doing, caught up in the day to day? Getting up, working, coming home, eating food, sleeping, then waking up to do it all again? All of these different experiences serve the evolution of your soul back into the revolution of divine galactic consciousness. All of them!

Dearest children, just because you have touched bliss and may sometimes experience yourself feeling like hell, does not mean that you are not able to be in bliss again or that you have done anything wrong. You are simply navigating the cycles.
You are simply engaging the realms of density through the current revolution.

This revolution completes a great cycle of expansion. Much has come forward for you to reintegrate, and everything, every aspect, will come forward. Not just one, every one!

As every aspect comes forward, what will present most often for many at the time of this revolution is judgment. Judgment sustains great revolutions to manifest in the realm of density.

In the realm of density is it common for one belief system to revolt against another. Is it not a judgment to say this is right, that is right, I am right, you are right, and of course who is wrong?

As you move forward, and give yourself the gift of Divine Reunification and integration, you are navigating all of the phases of the Gunas at this time. All of them! All of them! And as you become more aware, hold fast in your evolutionary expansion as you move forward through that phase of consciousness.

Embracing Mapid Expansion….yes, Mapid!

You are in the time of mapid expansion. Our combination of Much and rapid…mapid! You are in the mapidness! In the mapidness it is important to remember that everything will become as if it is one. Everything will fold onto itself.

You are already aware that time is folding upon itself. Has that ever been more evident than now? Time is becoming more fluid for you.

As you are reconnecting back into the truth of all that has been, all that ever was, and all that will be, which is all you have already done; you easily remember that you have already done all of this.

You have been here before. You are consciously co-creating your evolution now. As you consciously co-create, there will be mapid revolution.

In the time of expansive connectivity, in the time of reunification, the cosmological effect of all that you have done is upon you right now. What do you wish to do with it? It is your choice. That is the gift of being here now, that it is your choice.

It is simply important that you commit and do well whatever you commit to.
It is the moment of conscious mapid commitment.

Dearest ones, it is so easy to have your mind say no while your heart says yes. Is it not? It is simple to experience separation and polarity. It is a great experience and part of why you are here. And you have the choice to move through this at any moment, the real question is: Where do you wish your consciousness to go?

When was the last time you jumped up and down and danced? When was the last time you moved your body with joyous love? Not because you felt you must, simply because you wanted to. Allow the flow to come through you with great movement.

To know is one thing, to do is another and it is up to you.

Embracing the Stream of Multi-dimensional Consciousness

Vast portal energies are abundantly open. All seven ascension portals are open and the torches are lit. There are many forms of torches and they are lit. We invite you to consider that. Just let it mapidly expand in your consciousness. For as you move forward with this expanded torch understanding, the gift of being the Light for others blossoms.

You are in one form of being and you exist more than just here. You already know this of course. When have you last connected with the other aspects of you that exist outside of this experience?

One way that you can simply do this is through your dream space. When you enter deep rest and move through the stages of sleep, you are in the bliss state often. You are in the bliss of deep reconnection. When you awaken, often the unified Guna stream comes into you and you may experience a senses of loss. Or you can arise wake up and notice that the bliss is present.

What do you choose to do in your stream? Call forth the stream of consciousness within as you gift yourself with the revolution. Your personal revolution releases that which seeks to bind you.

What is holding you now? What causes you to stop and the opportunity to go?

Consider the symbolism of a traffic light. The red light for you means stop. Red is also associated with the root chakra. Often times this is a stopping point. For the root chakra is a powerful ally of the ego and seeks for you to keep it safe at any cost.

The yellow light aligns with a chakra that gives you the opportunity to say do I want this or not? Where is my true power? A light that often causes us to stop or go based upon our sense of a situation.

The green light is the heart and it is go! Go with confidence as all is clear!

Which light do you wish to have shining in front of you?

The heart ignites the power to go and this is where the revolution begins. This is where it expands. This is the stream of Divine Consciousness that you are!

The Gift of Divine Recognition

The time of rapid escalation is here and within the gift of connected recognition, your divine heart says go. You lift into the truth. You let go of the energy that seeks to cause you to stop.

Dearest ones; only doubt separates, and it is the greatest separator. It is a wondrous vehicle of density. You come into density, you experience all this guna energy, doubt appears, and separation appears, wonderful!

Invite yourself to receive the gift of coming into complete realization of your alignment with the One. In that you are full for it is Your very presence that offers the greatest service.

Your presence is your service, and you have chosen to be here, now. As you recognize the gift that your presence is service, everything else is a bonus.

As you empower your presence as service, we encourage you to recognize that the presence of each being is service. You do not have to agree with what they say. You do not have to align with what they do. Simply open your heart to recognize that whatever they are expressing, however they are expressing it, whatever they are doing, is of service because they are present. They are here. Your mere presence is service.

We wish for you not to misunderstand the word mere. We simply give this to you because we wish for you to recognize that just being here right now, on this planet right now, in this time of the great revolution of cosmological expansion, is the greatest gift you could ever offer.

You are, in this moment, a sum total of many experiences of many, many, many expressions. Not just the density or the biological expressions, many expressions.

Many of you say to us often, “We wish to reconnect with more.” Many cry out to us and say, “Where are our galactic brothers?” Perhaps you are the galactic brothers you are looking for! Often times when we yearn to see beyond that which is right in front of us, we miss what is right in front of us, do we not?

Gaze into your heart and the well of eternal knowledge and divine love reveals itself.

Gaze lovingly within your own being and your own presence. Gaze into the mirror of your soul and let the gift of your divine presence offer you the message that you are yearning to hear. All you need do is trust what you know as you release all doubt.

You are more powerful than you give yourself credit for. You already know. Are you trusting yourself and that which is around you?

Claiming Conscious Service through Divine Connection

Many of you are realigning. Many of you are soon going to be meeting and have already begun meeting new people, places and experiences that will challenge you. Pay attention to any resistance.

Every single moment, every second, every second within a second, is part of your cosmic revolution and your gift of reunification and alignment with soul consciousness. Everything! As you move forward with these serendipitous connections, you will find yourself expanded and challenged.

Dearest children you are in Nirvana right now. Simply allow it to be present for you. Give yourself the gift of divine connection. So many cry out, “What is my service? What do I do? Oh dear God help me. Why am I here?”

We wish for you to remember that you are the service!
Let go of what the brain wants to control and embrace the joyous recognition that you are that which you seek.

It is already upon you. Celebrate more! If times are tough, celebrate more! You are depressed, have fun! It is that simple if you invite it to be, and if not, that is ok.

Dearest children, bless your brain. Take it out for a walk. Tuck it into bed early with a little milk and cookie and then you go play. Help the brain move forward. As you do, your joy will escalate. If you scorn, and if you are skeptical, then do it well. Be a good skeptic! Within skepticism you are simply saying that I love myself enough that I must know more. Ok! When you meet others who are skeptical, love them for their presence as they are giving you a gift.

The revolution has begun. It is not coming…it is already here! How do you choose to navigate it? What do you choose to do?

Oh dearest ones, breathe. With each breath expand your love. With each breath recognize your truth. With each breath, know that we see you. We have always seen you. Your presence matters…you matter.

May you enter into the eternal Light of Divine Oneship in all you do, all you say, all you breathe, and all you experience.


Listener Comments

  1. My Dearest Archangels Zadkiel, Sri and Kira,

    This message is worth reading & re-reading every day. It gets bigger and better with each reading … expanding both my I AM Spiritual Being 5D connection and repairing my physical/mental/emotional 3D/4D feelings connections.
    From the very beginning in the first sentence when you mentioned the word “revolution”, I kept hearing “our”evolution. Every time I think of this I can’t help but grin, smile, and float up, up, up above all that tries to bring me down.
    Love & Light … Always & in ALL ways … Joyce

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