The Victim Cult

The Victim Cult

Often in our world, circumstances conspire to generate a sense that we must be saved or rescued. Indeed the ‘savior mentality’ has been around for thousands of years. This is a well-entrenched belief system that offers the opportunity to experience separation from the power of I AM presence and also offers the opportunity to cultivate faith.

These are valuable experiences..and you doing not have to repeat them over and over.

Yet the truth is: There are no victims! There are indeed experiences of victimization; there are experiences of lack and powerlessness, but those experiences are not self-defining. They are simply experiences that help us discover the true power within.

As an immortal Soul, it is an act of Mastery to explore the belief in mortality. It is an act of Mastery to ‘try on” lack and limitation. To the extent that you really believe that you are powerless, then you are fully immersed in the lesson your Soul wants you to learn. It is like joining a cult, you will find other members of the belief system encouraging you not to leave.

When does the suffering stop? When you breathe into your I AM presence and say: “enough”. The suffering ends when you claim your mastery and make a new choice.

These words sound simple, however, the journey of awakening is as complicated as your unique history. That is, we all are reconciling the journey of our soul, and we are resolving lifetimes of limiting beliefs, outdated dogmas and karmic agreements.

The path of Self-Ascension is as unique as you are. It begins with a choice and the daily willingness to complete your healing process. Self-Ascension is fueled by the authentic passion to lift through the density and seeming separation and choose joy and reunion.

Joy and reunion are often irrational, unsupportable to our prior family and friends. Joy is a state of Being as does not depend upon your circumstances.

Can you be a Joyful Victim? ☺

Spiritual growth often results in paradoxical moments of seeming opposites which then cultivate your break-through. We ‘pop’ into a new state of realization.

There are no victims, only Masters enjoying the experience of dancing with the dynamics of victim, savior and abuser energies. All three roles (Victim, Abuser and Savior) are part of a single energy that is available for all beings to experience and grow through as we reclaim our Mastery.

Sometimes we simply need to recognize that we are complete and it is time move on!

We love you,
Sri and Kira

Listener Comments

  1. Dear Sri and Kira,

    Thank You for continuously offering the opportunity for us to do our daily Mental Aerobics exercises especially with this insightful blog. The stronger and more versatile we make our minds the better we make all our relationships and our Planet benefits too reguardless which dimensional awareness level we are operating in at that present time.
    Since our minds communicate with both our physical bodies and our Spiritual components, acting as a control panel for integrative communication, then having an open insightful mind makes Evolution easier.

    I AM still holding the vision that this Planet Earth will become thee Evolution Planet for Humans to learn to evolve from 3D through 4D into 5D. Your words “the truth is: There are no victims! There are indeed experiences of victimization; there are experiences of lack and powerlessness, but those experiences are not self-defining. They are simply experiences that help us discover the true power within” shows one of the Evolutionary Learning Paths that could be available for Human exploration. I realize at present here on Earth the major focus is on “up … Up … UP and away” but I am hoping some Enlightened Humans will choose to stay to help rebalance and recalibrate both 3D and 4D. Both 3D & 4D Earth can become bright Shining Star Playgrounds of the Cosmos producing masterful Masters who will Divinely contribute to exploring and expanding the Cosmos.

    It’s great to know that there will always be Love & Light
    … and everything will always be alright. <3

    Love & Light … Joyce … Always & in ALL ways

    1. Namaste Joyce,

      Thank you for your thoughtful sharing and your vision!

      We trust that ALL Beings will find their way! Time is irrelevant…and Gaia is infinitely patient. 🙂

      Many Blessings,

      Sri and Kira

  2. The role, or identity. of the victim is all too easy to fall into! Consider the lottery; one can see the millions whom didn’t win as losers, or victims. Yet it is very possible even the winner may feel like a loser after some time passes. The ego wants an identity, even if it’s that of a victim. Haven’t we all heard the stories of victims, sometimes said with enthusiasm and sparkle? Once we uncover the fact that the ego wants one of these three roles, it portends the end of the ego and the beginning of recognizing who we really are, beyond any role. No longer are we in that cult, which reinforces such beliefs. It is true we came here on our own volition. To deny that is to become a victim! Yet many actually love the drama and want to return. They will get their way. For those whom see the illusion that it is and want the Absolute Purity of Life Itself, beyond these seeming limitations, we need to awaken to the dream of form and its illusory nature. This way, even before the death of the body; we are free. To return after that would be to offer the gift of enlightenment to others in the form of compassion and love…and not in the “role” of a savior. No matter, we all will find our way Home. God made us eternal Beings: like Himself, with no need for victim roles or any other illusion. Much love and thanks!

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