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Listener Comments

  1. Namaste Sri and Kira,

    Thank you both for your amazing work and radio show, which I drink in every Sunday 8pm. It’s a weekly highlight. I’m in the escalator!
    I did the Navigating the Inner Matrix and abundance courses recently with you both. They were amazing and I still do the practices daily. Thank you. I feel like my life is taking off after what seemed like a long dark tunnel.
    As I am in the UK, I can’t ring in to the radio show so please, please can I have a mini soul reading Kira? Thank you so much,

    Infinite blessings,

  2. Beloved Sri and Kira,

    Thank you Kira for talking about the ascension escalator. You said if you have found a step stay on it and you will be just fine. I have felt that nothing much is happening in my life. i will stay on my step and I am where I am supposed to be. Much love to you both and thank you for all you do. I love you so much. Leslie

    Thank you so much Kira ans Sri for the encouragement and insight for me to return to LosAngeles! It was a brutal first go around where I stayed at 33 different Airbnb’s in 6mos but I know I was adding light to the grid all around LA. It’s no surprise that I’m being aligned with Elon Musk to find backing for this cosmic insight that I’m being downloaded with since he’s “obsessed” with Mars…lol. I am not to patent the cosmic insight but to open source it and make it affordable for all those who are of the Light. It is time for miracles again. People need hope when their reality is falling apart.
    Here’s to a peaceful n loving paradigm!
    Ellie Arroway

  3. Hi Sri and Kira, many blessings!

    I wanted to share a dream with you that I had this week: A few nights ago I had the most amazing dream, I was in my “house” (looks different than my real one) and this girl close to my age knocked on the door, some friend I think. She came in and was just loving me unconditionally, a kind of love I haven’t felt before, it wasn’t romantic love either. I told her how can you love this part of me because it’s flawed, she said ALL aspects of you ar LOVED! It was very vivid. We played some games in the big house, and had fun til she had to leave. My “parents” of whom were not my earthly parents came home and I felt pure love from them too! I woke up and felt total love it was amazing, felt as if I had been embraced by divine love, no judgment, no negativity, just LOVE. As if I had been hugged by the Universe, a warm beautiful feeling; it felt more than just a dream…I have never had a night like that before! It was pure bliss. I still wonder who those people were, I do not in “real” waking life, yet they seemed familiar to me! I have felt some kind of spiritual energy all week as well since my birthday last Sunday, we’re definitely not alone…

    Thanks for all of the positive vibes that you share with the world!

    With Love,
    Benjamin Bubb

  4. I am so happy you liked the images I sent! You inspire me! Thank you for the on-air shot out, my heart is overflowing with gratitude!

    Namaste! Jillian Green

  5. Dearest Sri and Kira,

    I just wanted to take a moment and thank you SO much for your mini-soul reading on yesterday’s show. I just had a chance to listen to it again (I got on around 36:00 minutes in) and tears began to stream down my face with so much love and gratitude for the beautiful affirming messages. You have both been such a potent, positive influence in my ascension and have been the greatest mentors in my life. I am deeply honored to connect with your energies. Whenever I listen to the both of you, I am instantly uplifted and I can feel your warmth and wings around me encouraging me on my path of mastery and healing.

    Thank you for attesting for my previous trip cancellation as the trip was a HUGE week long event (which I have gone to for the past 2 summers) that brings together my friends from all around the world. I love how you mentioned the ego because in that cancellation decision, I really put my ego aside, went into my heart-space and there I found the choice to not go this year. After I officially cancelled, the Cards of Clarity really put me at ease with my decision. Instead, I will be spending intimate time with my husband on a trip and then we will be attending a retreat together for this upcoming weekend. I am looking very much forward to all the inner work and transformation that will take place not only for myself, but for my husband. This also made me feel at peace with my choice as it will expand the sacred relationship I hold dearly with my husband in ways that will bond us even further into oneness. At the end of the day, friends may come and go, but the sacred union with my partner extends beyond the cosmos and this lifetime in a very profound ways.

    The footprint in the sand analogy was extremely touching for me and I really, really needed to hear that from someone outside of myself. I do try to remind myself of that daily as I hold a big audience through social media advocating the importance of nourishing our light bodies with raw, plant based foods and how they can act as a catalysts to awaken us back into our Divinity. It was really such a blessing to hear from you Kira that my intentions and energy are impacting others even if I am not always fully aware of who it is. So thank you!

    Your words about waking up in the morning thinking about how would a queen talk and handle certain situations allowing the ego to drop and be of service was so incredible and so spot on, I’ve been trying to do this daily from the divine goddess perception but again, hearing it from you is just so encouraging and inspirational and I just wanted to take the time out of my day to thank you again with so much love and appreciation.

    Again, thank you so much and I love you both with my whole-being! Thank you for all you do and for all the AMAZING courses you put on regularly as it is so needed on the planet and you are both hold such an incredible radiance of crystalline light. I LOVE YOU and THANK YOU again! Namaste <3

    Much Love & Many Blessings,

    Jenna Davila
    Spiritual Guidance, Health and Wellness Coach
    Photographer & Food Blogger

  6. Namaste Sri and Kira,

    Thank you so very much for kindly answering my email request and the mini soul reading you gave me on air last Sunday.
    I am so grateful for your love and kindness and your beautiful heartfelt work.
    Thank you so much. I love you both.
    I’ve just signed up for your course in September which I know will be amazing.
    You are both such gifts to us all.
    Infinite blessings and thanks for your loving kindness.

    Rebecca (UK)

  7. Namaste Kira,

    Thank you so much for the beautiful gift of your loving response…I so appreciate the way you radiate love and joy and kindness!
    Big hugs back to YOU!

    Love, Susan

  8. Namaste Kira and Sri,

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for so kindly giving me answers to my questions regarding my mini soul reading on air last night.

    I am so blessed and so grateful. I love you both, you are truly awesome, inspirational and dedicated. Thank you for the beautiful answers and for giving me the time. Your radio shows, courses and videos are pure bliss. You are both such a gift to everyone.

    I greatly look forward to participating in your course in a couple of weeks. I already know it will be magical.

    Much love and infinite blessings to you both, 🙂

    Rebecca (UK)

  9. Thank you so much for my beautiful mini soul reading! I was so excited when I heard you read my mail and give me the reading on the show. I actually had tears in my eyes it was so beautiful:) thank you!!! I’m super amped for the next four years to unfold as I step into my true self and let go of fear- thank you 🙂 it was so perfect! As you spoke of roses I looked next to me at my bottle of rose geranium oil and couldn’t help giggling- I will now wear it with even more intention!

    Sending all my love and blessings!

  10. Namaste Sri and Kira 🙂

    I have been following your wisdom for over 7 years now and you have guided me in my self-Ascension over these years .

    I am an Empath and very intuitive as well and many , many amazing things are happening to me with the energies that are now here on our beloved Gaia 🙂 I am divinely guided always and feel my Angels love around me always . When I ask a question I am immediately given the answer in my mind ! My intuition is growing and I am so grateful .

    I have known for awhile that I am an Angel of Healing and I am trying to figure out what modality I am meant to serve with , and WHERE ! No concrete answers have been forthcoming , however . I know the answers will be shown to me when the time is right Sri and Kira .

    But I am hoping you may be able to give me guidance in this respect ?? I loved the radio show last Sunday , Sept. 11th and have been reading the 4 steps to Self – Ascension each day and looking at the Merkabah you had us draw and the words inside it inspire me to greater Divinity 🙂
    Thank you , Thank you , Thank you !

    I love you both , Blessings ❤️❤️

    Mary Anne Malone
    Western Canada

  11. Dear Kira and Sri,

    Thank you so much for my reading on air after reading my email. I’m comforted by such wise and loving guidance and will move forward now with a vibration lifted into greater integrity and beauty.

    Thank you,

  12. Dearest Kira,

    Sending you so much love and gratitude to you on your Birthday. How lucky the planet is to have your beautiful presence and your big bright light shining here at this time. And thank you for coming to be in a dream recently, you told me you were healing my left leg. Interesting as over a year ago just after I discovered you and Sri I had shared my success re blood clots on left leg. Maybe energetically there was still some healing needed there. Am enclosing an old Irish prayer as Birthday blessing which you might enjoy.
    May God give you for every storm a rainbow
    For every fear a smile
    For every care a promise
    And a blessing in each trail
    For every problem life sends, a faithful friend to share
    For every sigh a sweet smile
    And an answer to each prayer
    Many happy returns

    Clare ☘?☘

  13. Dearest Sri and Kira,

    Thank you so much for reading my email! After yesterday’s show the capacity within me to Trust has increased immensely. I also feel this resurgence of inspiration towards taking on a greater level of responsibility in my life and my actions which I think I’ve been avoiding for some time. Wow, you are both such a gift. Thank you so much and Happy, Happy Birthday Kira! Sending you lots of love and hugs.


  14. Hello, my name is Sasha!

    I wanted to thank you so much for your psychic prowess & intuition to help me understand our portals into the divine.
    Mother Earth loves you.
    I can’t wait for action, let mother earth and Father Time be one.
    To Metronia! 🙂

    Again, thank you very much.
    Much love, Sasha.

  15. I do feel today that I am adrift. This feeling is uncommon for me. just breathe…Kira, sometimes it’s the only next thing to do.

    So amazing how gentle you are amid your knee healing.

    Namaste Sri & Kira

  16. Wow! I think I just remembered a new month and a new flow called Septdecremember 16, 2018 and a new experience! My first Solstinox ever! Lmao. If I were to post an apology that I made to a sister of mine I think you might get the totallity of what i am talking about. These messages are seriously timeless yet well timed guys! Thank you again! Can’t wait until the US renews my passport Lol! Ecuador sounds fun but if I come before the renewal I might not ever be allowed back in to my birth.right & home country USA… & that would be a grief that I can live without! Lol. Hope to see ya’ll soon! Please pray that I can fix this highly financial, legal & political matter soon! Lol

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