MANIFEST NOW! Empower your Divine Creation!

The Sacred Valley of Divine Creation

…a cosmic energy attunement

Through Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa

The Cosmic Essene speak:
Hello beloved angels of great light, love, joy, wisdom, power, and resurrection. We come to offer to thee a guidepost for the journey that has begun, has already ended, and is starting again, and that will cycle until the freedom of your divine wisdom-seated soul illuminates the center of your journey and lifts you from it.

Initiating The Journey

Relax now and sit with us beside the crystalline fire. Join us in this beautiful world as you relax the energy of the mind of density and join us on this journey. We invite you to release the conscious mind of density and further relax. Consider this a fireside chat, a moment of relaxation and divine presence.

Feel now the energy of your head relax.
Feel now the energy of your shoulders relax.
Feel now the energy of your arms relax.
Feel now the energy of your entire physical form relax.
Relax. Relax. Relax.

And as you relax with your eyes closed or open, it matters not, allow yourself to feel the spacious gift of universal energy all around you. Feel yourself now as if you are floating. Feel your body illuminating with the presence of your soul’s true luminescence. Feel everything lifting, clearing, illuminating, enlightening. Feel your body in wholeness, without distractions. Simply be present.

You may already feel as if you are floating or lying on a lotus, or floating or lying on a cloud. And may your heart know that you are with us beloved ones, and we are with you, in the sacred valley of divine creation. Here in the sacred valley of divine creation, in the soul world of your ever-present, presence, is the divine You. The divine We. The divine One.

Here in this sacred valley, feel your connection now. You may feel a great sense of warmth and comfort entering into your physical form. Your hands may be very hot. You may be noticing a sense of electricity, yet it is comfortable, pulsing through you, and you are here, in the sacred valley…now. You have transcended the boundaries of illusion.

To transcend beyond the boundaries of illusion offers you moments of freedom
that reignite and rejuvenate that which seeks to stay trapped in the illusion.
It is helpful to transcend the illusion often, to join us in the sacred valley of your divine creation.
Join us here, now.
Breathe. Relax. Breathe. Relax. Breathe. Relax.

The ignition of the United Cosmic Presence

Bring your attention to your energy field and notice a golden portal spiral of energy has already ignited from the center of your heart. It is emanating from your heart, beaming as it emits two rays of light from the center of your heart space.

Two golden beams of light have released from your heart and are encircling you, as they infinitely encircle your entire form.

Feel these beautiful spirals of golden energy as they ignite and suspend you. Pulsing from your heart is the energy of all that is ready to be released. This pulse beat is sending this release into the spirals as you relax ever more, release ever more and illuminate your divine crystalline nature.

The energy is a beautiful harmony of releasing out and then spiraling back in as if your soul is receiving a golden energy transfusion.

Releasing that which does not serve you, spinning it through this universal conduit of pure light, and then bringing the pure golden light back into you.

This is the experience of pure rejuvenation, clarity, light, illumination, and Peaceful Centeredness that you call joy. When the unified cosmic presence says yes to the experience of density, there is the conscious knowing that this moment of harmonic restoration and centered rejuvenation will always return.

The Journey of Reawakening, The Remembrance and The Choice

The journey into form and density is a gift. Once reawakened, there is remembrance, and then there is the choice. It is a trinity: the journey of reawakening, the remembrance, and the choice.

Often the journey becomes the entire process, and the remembrance and choice are beyond the awareness of the conscious mind when you are deep in density. As you lift up and are with us now in this divine sacred container, connect with the trinity of these energies as one.

The journey of reawakening, the remembrance, and the choice are one!
Attachment is a choice! We wish to repeat this. Attachment is a choice!

When you choose to be attached to people, places, this could be on many planets, worlds, or experiences, and things. Things have multiple expressions in many different worlds.

When you choose attachments to people, places, things, what you are claiming is: “I am not done with the journey,” and the remembrance is a soft voice, yet often it is not clear.

Remembrance in that moment is a distant voice. It is speaking to you always. It is the gift of the soul, for the soul has infinite memory. When that soft voice is just outside the range of clarity, the choices are made from inside the journey of form, and they are self perpetuating.

When choices are made from inside the journey of form, they are self-perpetuating.
You cannot, nor would you ever want to be able to, make a choice of a divine nature from
within the journey of form. It simply cannot happen.

To believe that this happens, is to set yourself up for constant disappointment. This is where the great… we have many words we wish to offer… Let us choose the word, stricture begins.

The great stricture of depression comes from within the journey of form, and so many are depressed now.
They are making choices from inside the journey of form without the clarity of remembrance.
This then empowers the journey perpetually, as it builds one on top of another,
on top of another as it becomes ever more dense and heavy.

Connecting with Remembrance

Relax again with us. Come once more and feel the 2 golden rays of light from your heart. Come connect with us in the sacred valley for even our words can invite you out of the energy of denisty for a moment.

This is why we are offering to you great waves of energy while we share with you today, so that you may easily transcend our words as you float in your golden portal.

Beloved ones, depression is a sign that you are trapped in the journey of form and making choices from deep inside the journey. It simply means that the soul of remembrance is speaking.
It is ever present. It is just is trying to be louder.

We are offering to thee how to turn it up the volume and make it clearer. This volume of remembrance is yours, as your beloved Archangel Zadkiel has said so often,

“Keep thy eyes on the divine at all times. At all times.”

You may say, “How can I possibly do that if the journey and choices are becoming heavy and dense?”
It is as easy as remembering that your own eyes are the divine.

To remember that every time you see thy own eyes, you are gazing at the divine, and then to see all eyes,
—not just the eyes of humans—all eyes as the eyes of the divine, and to gaze at eyes.
To allow thyself to feel and anchor the energy of your creative nature right now.
Feel and anchor the energies of your creative nature right now.

Take your hands and lift them just like this right now. And feel them as floating. Feel them. Ignite them as floating. Wave them as if you are in water. Wave them as if you are in water. And as you do this practice you will feel your eyes illuminate with the divine.


Feel your eyes illuminate with the divine. Illuminate with the divine. Illuminate with the divine.
Bring your fingers to the eyes, and cover them.
Pull your fingers back, and see the divine. See the divine. See the divine.

This is how you keep your eyes on the divine at all times. It does not need to be a conscious choice, for in this moment you have chosen while in the valley of creation to offer your eyes divine remembrance at all times.

Which means they offer you clarity.

And as you do this, it does not matter whether the eyes of this world can see or not. What matters is that the energy is in this area of the 6th chakra, this area that many call the 3rd eye. This is the eye that you have just ignited. The physical eyes are the bonus.

For when this area is clear, and when you have set the energy of clarity to see the divine at all times, it does not matter what the journey is putting in front of you. If you are sweeping the floor and your eyes see dirt, that dirt is divine. If you are out and about, and see things that would traumatize the physical form, or cause you to feel less than, see it ALL with the eyes of the divine.

The eyes of the divine refrain from judgment as the eyes of the divine are judgment free. Judgment releases when you are seeing the divine.

When your choices are made from within the journey of density, releasing all judgment
is challenging. To free yourself into cosmic connection, to free yourself to see the eyes in the divine,
to keep your eyes focused on the divine at all times, is to ignite the beautiful memory,
the remembrance, that third part of the trinity that will keep you clear
as move you forward in the recognition that every journey has an end,
and every ending is a beginning, and the choice of moving out of the cycle is 100% yours.

To understand that is possible and not difficult while on a journey in density. To ignite from that, simply keep your eyes on the divine at all times. Ignite the two rays of golden light from the heart. Bring them around you.

All you need do is take two fingers and place them in the center of the high heart, take in a breath, and pull out. Extend the fingers, wiggle them, and relax.


And from here in that one instant, you are already freely flying in the cosmos, you are floating with us.

You are safe. You are warm. You are loved.
You are limitless. You are clear. You are abundant.

It is now your choice!
We love you. And so it is


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  1. My whole body is tingling as I read what is written above. So powerful!
    Thank you.
    Namaste, Portia

  2. Very nice! I like the sacred valley meditation and the golden spirals. I will be practicing this! Thank you 🙂 Namaste!

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