“The Price of Admission? Your Mind!”

Spiritual growth! This extraordinary experience is by necessity an expansionary dance through the density.  Spiritual growth offers each being a renewed sense of Self as it expands the worldly perspective.  Growth is liberating! As we lift from Density Consciousness into the more ascended states of consciousness, our ego can, and usually is at some point, triggered.  This trigger of the ego sets off ripples of fear as the controlling energy of the ego prefers ‘the predictable’ and is both resistant and afraid of change.

Ironically through this ego trigger, arises the dilemma of true growth! In these moments of insecurity we walk through the unknown to discover the other side. Whenever we grow, there is a tender time. That time of transition where the old ways seem to be calling us back while we are learning to stabilize in the newer ways.  This is when our self-trust must be firm and without doubts.  This is when our spiritual tenacity is called forward to lead us through.  Sometimes when we are at our most tender moments, it is our friends and family that try to call us back to the old patterns!  Well-meaning beings who are not on the same journey, are there as a silent reminder to be tenacious!

Spiritual practice is the essential tool for transiting the states of consciousness that accompany expansion. This is true for everyone, regardless of who you are and what you might believe. The truth is that if you want to Self-Ascend, then relaxing into surrender is necessary.  This includes surrendering the need to control, surrendering attachments to people, places and ideas.  Surrendering your expectations on how things will work out.

Surrender is the gateway to expansion. And, when combined with trust and commitment we learn how to ‘let go’ and THRIVE.

The egoic mind often throws tantrums around losing control.  It wants acceptable results, and if possible, a guarantee for success at all costs! It has defined ideas about what that means and it calls in “partners in pain” and latches onto spiritual fads to protect its own interests. There is a way through this “mind trap”.  Simply stated:  when you are truly willing to “Lose your Mind” you will discover that your “Higher Self” has been there waiting patiently.  With practice, the ego will learn that your Authentic Self is loving, wise, connected and forgiving.  And…that your higher self can be trusted to drive while the mind takes a well earned nap!

You can actually practice “losing your mind” and stepping out with trust!  The Mantra of Self-Ascension is a safe, simple and non-dogmatic gift that quickly calls forward your spiritual resources.  Through that process, your ego will relax its fear-response without the tantrum.  Your success is assured!  Letting go of the worldly timing is the final step. Patience will ignite the results you are dreaming of!

So why not start right now with the Mantra?
I am Here!
I am Ready!
I am Open!
Guide me!


All are finding their way. After all, you found your way here!  Now…Follow your Joy and Trust your soul’s timing!

Many Blessings,

Sri and Kira

Listener Comments

  1. In my opinion blending your first two Blogs together … “Commanding the Light” and “The Price of Admission … Your Mind” begins to paint a bigger picture of Dimensional Knowledge Awareness from a 3D “me alone ego” Belief System into a 5D “We together” Belief System. Those who Love to follow you and your work, Sri & Kira, on some level Know that they are Beings of Light. From time to time for a variety of private individual reasons, these Loving Listeners consciously &/or unconsciously choose to allow others to command Their Light. And some of these Loving Listeners often find it difficult of move beyond a 3D ego system experience fearing a future “Letting Our Souls Separate” experience.
    For me the Key is that all of what is going on at any time is just an “experience” that is as complete or as incomplete as I choose to make it. Thank You Sri & Kira for always being in our Corner of Love and Light when we need you. Hopefully you Know we are returning that favor …
    Love & Light Always … Joyce

    1. Namaste Joyce,

      Thank you for your loving recognition.

      Each and everyone of us is “finding our way” and each of us must reconcile our history (and karmic commitments) as we awaken. Thus, we all get to have ‘experiences” — what fun!

      Thank you for being part of this community.

      Much love,
      Sri and Kira

  2. Thank you again for your wise words!

    I planted beautiful flowers in my balcony today, now I am sitting there (here) and enjoy the spring-evening of Berlin while waiting for your radio show. We have such wonderful street trees here – and right now they are full of flowers! They look like a white foam-balls!

    Where I would be without this knowledge I’ve got during the past 2 years? Probably I would have returned back to the same old – even I’m in another country.

    When I left my workplace and made a life change, I was thinking, that I want to change EVERYTHING in my life. It was not a irrational and fast decision – in any ways, selling my flat took more than 9 months so I had time to regret my decision! And even after that I had one year time before I had to decide, if I want to resign from my job or not. But no, it was so clearly in my mind, that I have to do what I intended to do, even I did not know too much about details.

    Now 2 years have passed and maybe an outsider could think, that: Oh. Sanna has not gone anywhere! She does not earn too much, she does not have millions of new friends – actually, she has nothing! she does not even own her flat! Oh, poor her! How stupid decision she made! She must be regretting” Anyway, she had a such a nice and safe workplace, a workplace where everyone was controlled so genuinely! Such a safe job! Now she must be afraid and regret deeply this huge mistake!

    But I have a lot. I found the ascension-information in the internet and everything clicks! And when you have decided to change everything in your life (occupation, relation patterns, self-esteem-matters etc) – it certainly takes some time! You can not do it in few months, even I also believe in miracles! The fact is, that it is so much easier to change own though-patterns when you are not dealing with people in the past any more so much! This change I wanted would be extremely difficult to accomplish in my old environment!

    I see how every moment takes me towards those goal I dreamed about and have dreamed how many decades! Yes, my dreams are not new at all! They are old! It is just question, that I have to change some thinking patterns and so on, to really succeed. That is the work I’ve been doing, among other things with the help of the information I’ve got from you.

    Yes, there has been a moments of deep darkness, but somehow the light comes faster and faster every time and then I see even more clearly, that well: I am on my path, that this is actually taking me all the time towards something I want.

    One very funny thing happened some weeks ago: My daughter was in the workplace, that was very low payed and in addition she got rebuked that she talked too much with customers (in the smoothie bar).

    Well, it took only one week after she left her workplace, when she is working in the other place, where she is praised that she talks with customers! The more she speaks with them, the better! And her the salary doubled – in the beginning! She can, by her effort, make it as big as she can in the future.

    Life is so funny sometimes! Or: many times!

    1. Namaste Sanna,

      Your sharing reveals your growing patience, trust and spiritual discernment. 🙂

      Keep trusting your path of awakening.

      Many Blessings,
      Sri and Kira

  3. Dearest Kira,

    I just had a mini-soul reading and I want to express to you how much gratitude I have for you. Kira, you have been one of the few who have seen the truth of my soul since the reading I had with you back in 2010 in Sedona and from time to time on the radio – thank you from the deepest part of my soul for gifting me the feeling of belonging and connection.

    After discovering and hopefully healed this week, what the precious 3 year old part of me has been holding onto all of these years – the repeating pattern of mistrust, the ego mind will let go more and allow the Creator Self to manifest what it wants to manifest through me.

    I have gotten the ego is an energetic structure that is a system (part of the matrix) that keeps most of humanity in bondage. Probably was a positive system at first that allows us to experience the illusions of physical form, but then got overridden by some ET’s and the reptilian brain got implanted into us. And now the light and love is dissolving the program of control through many of us humans that is trickling into the energetic ego system to all of humanity.

    Thank you again for your open heart and eyes that see through the illusions to help many of us remember who we really are!!!!

    Thank you, Sri for the way you express the depth of wisdom that comes through you in such a joy filled way!!!!

    I deeply love both of your souls, thank you!

    Khi (Brian)

    1. Dear Khi,

      We celebrate your commitment to personal growth and evolution. Have a laugh at the ‘matrix moments” for we all get entangled at times! Joy will guide….

      Much love,

      Sri and Kira

  4. Love you Sri and Kira!! Thank you for your dedication to help us expand, evolve into our greatest selves. I’ve been patience and trusting for over 2yrs walking this mission towards one part of the completion; bringing the cosmic insight to the space billionaire just like in Contact movie. How does one keep their mind focused on putting one foot in front of the other when funding has stopped and possibly eviction may be in a few days with $50 on hand. I was told by Spirit that I will be provided for. Namaste.

    1. Namaste,

      Patience and Tenacity can be challenging! Sometimes movement in the physical world seems to lag our greater sense of how things should unfold. It is important to ‘check in’ with your Guidance and ask: “What am I needing to know? Is there an action I should take at this time?”

      Remember there are forces and counter forces at play. Love yourself and take actions that honor your worldly needs as well as your spiritual commitments.

      We love you!

      Sri and Kira

  5. I am always grateful for your uplifting messages and their practical applications. I have just made it through another layer of releasing attachments, recognizing subtle social and family conditioning, and forgiving on a deeper level. I can remember how challenging it was to work through the first layers many years ago. Your consistent messages of joy, remembrance, and tenacity have been steady companions on this journey.

    1. Namaste Elizabeth,

      We honor your commitment and your growth. Keep smiling at all your experiences!

      We love you,

      Sri and Kira

  6. About astrologers.

    In the previous show (March 26th) one caller said, that an astrologer had said to her that she has to be sick for 2 years more for karmic reasons. Kira answered, that “Forget astrologers!” (something like that).

    I agree very much. I have learned astrology for many years, since 1991, but I have never done any forecasts or predictions for anyone. I have used it only for personal reasons. I have consulted some astrologers, too – and actually they have been very good. There are good astrologers too, who have a different perspective to astrology. They look astrology more in a psychological or spiritual meaning and do not put any “karma” predictions there. They can not know anyone’s karma! The thing is, that as it is up it is down – and the planets are only symbols of some energies. That energy can be manifested in many many ways in person’s life, not only in one way! It is question just about it, if you let for example Saturn Energy come to you outside you – as an authority figure, for example – or are you taking that power and use it yourself! Meaning, with Saturn, that you are your own boss/authority, you accept to do the work that Saturn means – no one else forces to do it. Do it voluntarily! Then you do not have anything bad from Saturn! But of course, if you just wait that the power comes outside, it comes from outside in the form of authority figure, lack, restrictions , sickness etc. who makes your life very uncomfortable.

    I had a friend. who also visited an astrologer – only one – and that astrologer said to her, that her work life is now over! That she has done what she has done for work in her lifetime. My friend was then abot 50+ years old. And my friend took it literally. She got an accident and hurt herself – even that is unclear to me, how, because it took 7 years for her to get any proves from any doctors, that she had so called brain damage. She just decided, that she has a brain damage, and started to ask money from insurance companies etc, and it took years, before any doctor found anything wrong in her brains! But she had decided, that she is incapable for work life – because an astrologer had said so! How much trouble and effort she saw during those 7 years to convince doctors and insurance companies, that she had something wrong. I could not avoid thinking, that with that effort, she could have done real work, too – as an entrepreneur, for example, so that she can decide her schedule and aims herself.

    The result of her decision was also, that she was so frustrated, that she had an obsession to interfere other people’s lives all the time. When she did not have anything on her own, besides her “sickens”, she was like a burdock in her friend’s sleeves, giving her advices and ideas to those who did not want nor need them. Of course it is very clever to be part of your friend businesses in that way: to take an honor if there is some but withdraw without taking any responsibility if there are setbacks. Anyway, she was sick! She can not take the responsibility.

    I looked at her map and thought, that my interpretations would have been totally different from the other astrologer. I did not understand, where the other astrologer had got the idea of that “karma”, that her work in this lifetime is done! There were signs of big changes of work life in her map (like transiting Uranus in the MC), but all her map told to me, that what she definitely should do, is to work – or she gets ill! (Rahu in the 6th house – Ketu in the 12th).

    Yes, I agree with Kira. Do not believe astrologers or at least don’t take their sayings as they were gods. The result can be disastrous. Just take responsibility of your own life as well as you can. If you don’t understand how astrology works in your life, do not look it at all! Like in this example the astrologer had played there of the commander and said to the customer, that “You have 2 years of karma to pay…” It is an example of outside-Saturn. Take this Saturn inside you, then you are the commander, and really say as Kira asked: This is enough! I want better health! I do what I can to have it” Or something like that.

    1. Namaste!

      We are especially tender when we seek guidance from others. Honor your heart’s wisdom!

      Only love,

      Sri and Kira

  7. Heart Cheers Tenacity Renegades!
    I love the fact that spiritual practice is our tool, our trusty support system, when our minds, emotions, and/or our egos are freaking out during this Expansion Experience here with Gaia. Why I love it is because as humans we are most familiar with tangible form. Spiritual, energetic practices is just that; a physical and tangible way to manage our form. Manage it, Navigate it…you understand what Im saying. Tenacity in your practice gifts one patience. Here is our chance to relish in this retrograde energy and literally free our minds and deepen into our bodies.
    The rainbow bridges energetically connecting mountain peaks is a very real and tangible form on our planet. I very much like how Kira interjected a comment about this. It is like a personal power spot these magnetic antennas or mountains can be for an individual. There is an energetic grid connecting peaks. Do you have some vital information to share on this Sri and Kira here on this blog?

    1. Namaste Dominque!

      We love your confirmation about tenacity. Truly, the ‘outer world’ will do everything it can to velcro your consciousness into density!

      Spiritual practice opens us to the authentic experience of Self. It is our sanctuary and our road to expansion!

      The shamans in Peru and other cultures call in the energy of the mountains whenever beginning a ceremony. The spirit of the mountains offers strength and an energetic enhancement to support the intention of the ceremony. We can take a lesson from them! Attune to the energy from the mountains and allow it to inform your consciousness. 🙂

      And, many portals of inter-dimensional communion and upliftment can be accessed by ‘climbing the mountain’ (a metaphor!)

      We love you,

      Sri and Kira

  8. Hello Sri and Kira,

    I was on your show a few weeks ago for a mini soul reading. I was guided that water was my friend in order to get unstuck and I am happy to report that this helped a lot! So thank you so much! I related to this post in regards to the ego and control. I have listened to channeled messages from the Archangels. They remind us that even though we are co creators, we are not in control. Every time I hear this, I can feel every part of my being fighting this. With all the craziness going on in the world, I crave any sort of reassurance that everything will be alright which I don’t feel I’ve received from my spiritual family or anywhere.

    In a book I’m reading, the author said that humanity is at a crisis point and we will either evolve or die. For one thing, I was triggered by this because I grew up Christian with a judgmental, punishing, jealous God. It took me years in my own spiritual practice to love and trust my version of God. But when I hear a statement like, humanity will either evolve or die, I’m back to struggling with my faith and trust.

    I am also empathic and feel as though I have been absorbing a lot of the energies from the tragedies of the world. I can’t meditate about certain places in the world without breaking down in tears. I finally listened to my guides and angels and stopped reading or watching the news. It is not that I don’t care, but I feel as though the media(at least in the US) is messing with our heads for ratings. It was robbing me of my joy, and I wasn’t able to function. I now feel more at peace without this constant state of dread.

    There are many times that I want to have the control so badly but I know that aside from how I respond or react to things, nothing is in my control. My ego really hates that. It’s just when I hear or read, you’d better shape up or else statements from spiritual teachers, it just makes me wonder who is really running the show, the punishing God or the loving Light that I have grown to trust and love. I feel bad for doubting but I’m going through a lot of firsts spiritually and feel very vulnerable.

    Thank you once again for all you do. I look forward to the love and guidance to share with us every week on your radio show.

    1. Namaste Leslie,

      Thank you for your sharing. Congratulations on shutting off the TV! Yes, a smart move. You will always be in touch with anything important via the internet or friends! No need to bathe in the hypnotic distortions that are broadcast continuously.

      Your writing brings forward questions that many people have.

      Regarding messages from “Angels or channels”: Here is what Archangel Zadkiel has shared with us: If you ever receive a message that would cause you to judge, or would offer a hierarchy of higher/lower; then it is not of the Elohim. If you ever receive a message that does not leave you filled with love, then it is NOT of the Highest! Let LOVE be your guide. 🙂

      There are a lot of distortions coming through channels, ministers and teachers. Sometimes their messages are partially true, yet also contain some distortions due to their own belief systems. To grow, it is essential that you use these interactions to cultivate your own discernment. Discernment will help you sort the truth from the distortions and strengthen your self trust.

      Try this: bring your hands to your heart, take in a breath or two and calmly ask for guidance. For example, ask: “What part of this message is for me”? or “What is the level of truth in this message”? For example, ask or dowse “is the message more than 50% true”? If your heart tells you that the level of truth of the message is less than 50%, then why read it?

      It does take some time to strengthen our discernment because we have acquired a habit of doubting or mentalizing or needing an authority to confirm. Have mercy on yourself!

      Thank you for being here! You are questioning. You are feeling and paying attention…therefore you are indeed awakening! Keep returning to Trust.

      We love you,

      Sri and Kira

  9. Hi Sri and Kira,

    I’ve been listening to your you tube updated for about a year and recently discovered your radio show. I really appreciate your loving vibes.

    I wanted to share how on point you are about the energies and commanding the light. My 5th dimensional experience is a daily progression but the past 3 months I’ve been off work, and I’ve used this time to build a stronger connection with spirit.

    I’ve discovered that as a portal opener my field is home to a cloud of light beings. This cloud or mist is growing in visability as my energy grows and the shapes and colours ive seen it come as is truly awe inspiring.

    I feel so blessed that spirit works with me in this way where I see them in the clouds and can even capture on my iPhone and you can see the beings and faces in the clouds……I’m wondering if there are others who share this experience ?

    I feel so amazing I’m kinda guilty as I know lots of people are struggling right now.

    Sending you both many diamond blessings


    1. Namaste Darren,

      Thank you for your blessings!

      Divine connection comes in many forms such as visual, a felt sense, and telepathic messages. Enjoy your connection, let it deepen so that you can serve others when you are called.

      Many Blessings,

      Sri and Kira

      1. Thank you both,

        I’ve been on this path for a while and my gifts were activated in 2015. I have a range of psychic abilities and healing capacities yet my most natural gift which is channeling, I’ve been the most scared of.

        I feel ready now and as a pure channel I can allow spirit to flow threw my body and I feel my etheric self which I’m just getting used to.

        I find myself connecting with the flow many times a day and my energy field is getting stronger.

        If it’s possible, can I have more guidance on how I can move forward with my channeling and start to receive messages and guidance from my guides. I worry that I’m letting them down at times because of things I may do.

        Zadkiel is always with me but so are so many others. Is there an exercise that will strengthen my connection with Zadkiel? I know Zadkiel is connected to Jupiter. I remember the first meditation that went cosmic for me, a group of beings took me to Jupiter. Maybe my connection is strong enough I should focus on another, but there are so many it can get overwhelming.

        I’m in London and it’s great to connect so easily over the world, but hard to find people who understand ascension in London.

        Your shows have activated something in me. I find myself being more active in starting my healing practice. I can see that this year is going to be a game changer for us all.


        1. Namaste!

          To become a pure channel requires continual surrender. Thank you for trusting your heart’s calling!

          We believe that you would benefit by reading (attuning) to the material delivered by Archangel Zadkiel and posted at our web site. Specifically, visit Living in the 5th Dimension and then let your heart guide you to additional Insoulments.

          Here is the link:

          Also, please consider the Home Study program entitled Quantum Clairvoyance. There is a technique taught there that will deepen your cosmic communion. Look here: https://selfascension.com/product-category/self-ascension-home-study/

          Much love,

          Sri and Kira

        2. Amanda Ellis in Bourenmouth channels AA Metatron. there are many people on the path of Ascension in England particularly in Christchurch and Bournemouth area .

  10. All I have to say is this Mercury Retrograde has made it feel like I was going to lose my mind a few times. LOL! Intense, intense time this month has been OMG. I feel there’s so many layers of happenings on multiple “levels,” it’s been hard to be patient too this month, ringing in the ears, euphoria, high ups and downs, agitation, whew! A bit of everything, almost like an energetic buffet… Many blessings! 🙂 xo

  11. Hi Sri and Kira,

    I’ve been going through the insoulments and I just wanted to thank you both so much. I also want to say well done for being such pioneers in the Ascension consciousness emerging on the planet.

    You are providing a bench mark and a template for others to assist the world. I’ve been stunned by the amount of work you do and the different ways you transmit the Love you have for the planet and humanity at this difficult yet tremendously amazing time.

    Last night I was with my God son, I took him to get some take out as a treat. Some random lady just gave us £5 ! We told her we did not need it but she insisted so we accepted. We were both so surprised, but now I realise this is my abundant flow manifesting.

    Through your work I am empowered to know without doubt who I am and what I deserve in my life. I’m breaking the poverty consciousness I’ve held all my life and the richness and abundant flow of energy I am able to tap into leaves me feeling so full of Love and wonder.

    I’m happy to tell you that I’ve signed up to be a miracle team member but there was no where for me to leave my details although the first payment have been sorted. I will contact your admin team and I’m sure they will help, I’m so excited to now be a part of your community and encourage others to join because we all need to be of service for Gia and humanity….NOW.

    I’m looking forward to your show tomorrow and I’m just so thankful my guides helped me discover you, I feel the love you have and it touches me always.

    I send my Love and a thousand diamond blessings to you both and all those who read this who may need upliftment.


    1. Namaste Darren,

      Thank you for your loving acknowledgement.

      And, congratulations on joining the Miracle Team. We look forward to sharing the monthly celebration with you the first weekend of May.

      Many Blessings,

      Sri and Kira

  12. I am so very thankful to have finally found you. I think of you both like my ‘spiritual parents’. I have been through an incredible life journey of experiences that led me to today. I have been struggling with what I like to call ‘dipping into density’ . I struggle with feeling the need to see what’s going on in the world, to try to gauge where everything is. The thing is I know better, but still find myself doing it, like watching Whitehouse press conferences, or reading executive orders. I have changed my life for the better, including following my heart to leave Denver for a small mountain town in North Carolina. I’m surrounded by beauty and inspiration, but still struggle to do the simple things for my soul, like meditation. When I read this, I felt it resonate with my struggles. My favorite part was “Surrender is the gateway to expansion. And when combined with trust and commitment we learn to ‘let go’ and THRIVE.” I do say the Mantra and I’m working getting myself in a routine of yoga and meditation. Which of your books would be good for me to start with, I can do one at a time right now :). Thank you for sharing your love and wisdom with your fellow newly awakening family. Namaste’

    1. Namaste,

      Your sharing demonstrates that you have embraced the journey!

      We watch ourselves being drawn to energies that actually pull us away from Oneness. This is normal! The key is to ‘catch yourself’, love yourself ‘as is’, then send all the emotional reactivity ‘to the container’. (Do you know about the Container practice? – see http://www.selfascension.com) By doing this we cultivate a healthy habit and the power of compulsion lowers.

      We encourage you to read “Sacred Union, the Journey Home”. You can find it at Amazon or at http://www.selfascension.com.

      Much love,

      Sri and Kira

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