The Six Spiritual Essentials!

June 5, 2016 Self Ascension Spirituality Sri and Kira Live

The Six Spiritual Essentials!

There comes a time when we recognize that true peace and happiness can not be found in the material world. The heart calls and we move forward and sometimes backwards!

As we move more fully into a conscious spiritual life there are several pitfalls along the way that many don’t want to share! It is important to become aware of the ESSENTIALS that will help you succeed in your spiritual journey.

Join Sri & Kira and they share what others might not want to tell! Discover the 6 essential recognitions that will support your evolution and joy.

Some notes from this episode:

The Merkaba of self-ascension is already open in the planet. And because of this, everything is becoming more intense.

The hidden gift in any tragedy or harsh event is it gives us the opportunity to make our choices about our life and how we are going to respond to all of that.

The purpose of polarity is to gift awareness. Tweet this.

It is not actually one of the sides trying to win. When we are able to understand both sides (positive and negative), then we reach a new synthesis or ascend to a higher perspective. Everything that is happening in the world is designed to awaken us to a higher capacity to love, to be at peace with the cosmos and our humanity.

Commitment: one of the spiritual essentials. If you are committed to a journey, find someone who can help you and give it one whole year.

Our emotional body is very much tied to worldly comforts.

When we are on a path of ascension, it means that we are also in a path of spiritual maturity because we have to grow in love and acceptance for all beings. And as we grow into that, we bump into our old wounds, old judgments, subconscious preferences or prejudices. The path of evolution requires personal healing. And this is why the 1 year commitment is an absolute minimum.

Spiritual gifts come in the most subtle of ways. Tweet this.

A practice done in presence has so much power. Tweet this.

Daily spiritual practice: another spiritual essential. A practice that you are comfortable with doing every day that keeps you aligned, something that you know that will not set you up to fail. The practice needs to be able to fit in in your routine. It should not be something that makes your life complicated. It should also give you rewards in the future.

Set yourself up to succeed. Choose a practice that you know you will be able to do. Tweet this.

Your wisdom will increase as your level of consciousness increases. Tweet this.

When we move in to a healing journey, to a path of love, that which is not love or that which needs healing presents itself. And this sometimes causes things to be hard at first before it gets better.


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