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Special Show! REMOTE BROADCAST from the Andes!

Special Show! REMOTE BROADCAST from the Andes! Sri & Kira are back in the Ecuadorian Andes at seriously high altitude and ready to reveal why they are now back and broadcasting LIVE from “Blue Mountain”! There is a cosmic force that has called them there and messages for all of humanity as we balance through
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Why you may be a Spiritual Renegade!

It is time to speak up and explore the energy of the Spiritual Renegade!  What exactly is a Spiritual Renegade and how can you identify if you are one?  As we move ever deeper through the Ascension Portal of 2015-2022 and the multi- dimensional energies of June, there is an ever greater call toward authenticity
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Mastering the Lessons of the First half of 2017!

WOW…here we are half way through 2017 and as an expansion of last week’s predictions show, Sri & Kira share the CULMINATION ENERGY of the first half of 2017 and they share the OVERARCHING energy for the NEXT 6 months! This is an important discernment that once understood can set the stage for you the thrive
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