Ready to lift OFF the Gameboard? Yes! You can fly free!

October 2, 2016 Self Ascension Spirituality Sri and Kira Live

Navigating Life for Success!
During this incredible hour Sri & Kira continue lovingly guiding us through the Inner Matrix of mass consciousness!

They will share it all!
Discover your Freedom
Release your attachments
Claim true love, relationships, union and more!

You are reading this now because you are ready to go deeper into the Divine revelation of the greatest miracle of all…YOU! Are you ready? Ready to CLAIM your Divine Empowerment and live in Joy? Tune in and discover how
“Feel the radiant and abundant joy that is in you, within you, around you and surrounding you, for this is the true work of all, all have this power, as do you, this is YOUR power.” ~Archangel Zadkiel, Sacred Union: The Journey Home