Discover the TRUTH of Miracle Manifestation!

Healing Manifestation Sri and Kira Live

In this very special call, Sri and Kira explore the absolute truth about miracle manifestation. They will help you move from wishful thinking to wish fulfilment using a 4-point-pyramid of crystalline purity from whence you collect your miracle energy. They will also share the 3 trapdoors that people often fall through when they are manifesting.


2012 you have a choice

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Here are some important notes from this episode:

Miracles can happen. Miracles are your birth right.  Share this on twitter

Creating a dream or vision board is usually the way people enter into the spiritual part of manifestation and work with the laws of attraction. It’s an exercise on empowerment. When you start cutting out pictures and putting them in your refrigerator door and vision board, you open up the door of a place of passion inside.  You discover your passion… your emotional ignition and when you’re able ignite energy, to surround a picture with passion, then you start making it “attractive.”

miracles are your birth right.  miracle manifestation

Four-point pyramid of miracle manifestation!

First point (12 o’clock) :Passion & Charisma

Passion is the fuel that helps shape things. It is important to recognize that one energy can be more heart-centered and the other can be greed- or power-centered.

Charisma holds both the positive and negative sides of passion. Think of a charismatic person. For some, the image of a charlatan, sales person, or a fundamentalist preacher will come to mind. Now imagine a person who’s quietly charismatic, e.g.Dalai Lama. What is the difference between the charisma of the manipulator vs. the charisma of the authentic?

How do you know who is authentic? Listen to your chakra. Where do you feel the person? Is it in your stomach, your skin, or your heart? Remember that your heart is the ultimate truth detector.

Important: Passion can inspire charisma. But charisma without heart-centered passion is usually just a manipulation. It collapses very quickly.

Second point (9 0’clock): Manifestation

Manifestation is the demonstration of the mirror. It is the physical result that mirrors your intentions and passion. It’s truly a way of understanding how the outer world can shift its status quo to support your intention.

If you are seeking to manifest something, keep in mind that it’s not about that something  that you want. It’s about the payoff of having had it. You are seeking the joy, the energy of fulfillment,  the love and the security  that comes with having it. When we begin to awaken to the fact that we are not after the physical things at all, our power of creation amps.

Third point (3 0’clock): Abundance

Abundance is the creative energy. It is the flow.  It is the ignition point that will allow the manifestation to come forward.

True abundance is the creative capacity  of the universe. When you realize that, you will also realize that nothing is static in the universe…that live in an abundant universe. We are created in abundance.  Therefore it is our birth right. We are made of it!

Fourth Point (3 0’clock): Intention

Add the word scared to your intention because it means that you are clear on  how we are intending.  It is your focused motivation.

Focused intention is the application of the creative principle of all life.  Because you are always creating, there must be some guidance about it.

Remember that your said intention can be contrary to your ego’s passion.

Three trapdoors to miracle manifestation

  1. Ego Compensation – When you start thinking that you can manipulate for the sole purpose of financial gain,  fame, etc., that’s your ego compensating for your inner fears. The motivation is not grounded in the ascended heart. A good example would be marrying for money vs. marrying for love.
  2. Dependency –– This occurs when the miracle that you want to manifest depends on someone or something,. It’s what we call an If and only If situation.  Remember that your miracle needs to be whole within you. It should not be dependent about something or someone. Your dreams, your happiness should not happen if and only if.
  3. Intention is based on lower 3 chakras — safety, sex, and power.  Are your intentions driven by fear, sex, power or the need to dominate?  What you need to know is that fear is associated only with the physical form because we when chose to be born in this physical body, we became fragile and vulnerable. And this human body mastered these 3 lower chakras easily.