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Everyday Mysticism, Deciphering reality from illusion!

Of course you are a mystic! The vast mystical expressions coming forth can be confusing and sometimes frightening. How do you know what is of love and what is not? Are you truly opening to your higher power, or are you going crazy? Many are experiencing the increasing energy of these times, and there are
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Are You a Spiritual Renegade?

What exactly is a Spiritual Renegade and how can you identify if you are one? As we’re ever closer to 2017 and the deepening of the 5th dimensional energies of the twining earth, we discover a greater call toward authenticity and heart-centered alignment. Is this really a renegade energy and if so, why? The answers
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Revelations from the Galactic Encyclopedia: Why am I here?

Within your heart is the Divine recognition of your Galactic heritage and connection! Gazing at the stars is just the beginning. Today Sri & Kira will share loving and timely information directly from the Galactic Encyclopedia of Divine Cosmic knowledge to assist your journey of loving remembrance of the truth of who you are, why you
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