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IGNITE THE FLOW of your Mystical Presence and LIVE Fearlessly!

You may have spoken about hit, NOW is the moment to turn the key and start your ignition! Prepare to move into the energy and get ready to unfold your destiny! Harnessing your Mystical presence and releasing the fear of illusion, moves you into energetic POSITIVE flow to MANIFEST YOUR DREAMS! Imagine feeling totally alive,
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FLOURISH Through FEAR As You Gather Your Resources

The INTENSE opening of the Metronian Star combined with a unique Mercury Retrograde is here and pulsing! What can you expect with this power on the planet and how can you sucessfully move forward with peace, love and joy? Tune in as Sri and Kira boldly share mystical ways you can harness the fear and
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How Come My Dreams and Visions Won’t Manifest?

How come my dreams and visions won’t manifest? You are saying all the right words, being diligent with your activities and yet it seems that you just can’t “get ahead”. Whether it is finances, romance, professional advancement or something else, it is frustrating when you feel you are taking all the right steps
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