Harness the POWER of your Quantum Clairvoyance!

January 3, 2016 Spirituality

Imagine accessing the Power of YOUR Quantum Clairvoyance. You can accurately discover your truth, your unified stream of pure consciousness, & your higher knowing as you live each moment to the fullest with complete trust in your journey ahead. Everyone has clairvoyant energies or a second sense about things whether they know it or not. If you have been intuitively gifted since birth or are brand new to exploring your Clairvoyant Birthright, the power of your Quantum Clairvoyance will take you to the ultimate level of prosperity, clarity and universal connection!

In this episode, let Sri and Kira guide and help you re-awaken your ability to quickly and easily understand the Quantum Field AND how to re-awaken this energy! Our phone lines will be open for questions and sharing, plus the gift of Kira’s mini soul readings to empower and renew! Join us!



Some notes from this episode:

We must, as beings of divine spirit, arrive at the moment where we can trust ourselves without doubt. Until we do, we somewhat block our own way.

When is the right time to move forward? It’s when you say, “I’m ready”. Tweet this.

There are infinite number of alternate universes.

In the early 1900’s, there was a huge metaphysical awareness and consciousness awakening.

If you learn how to access that space or field, then time folds and your future becomes more of a trusted continuum than an uncertainty.

Quantum clairvoyance is a level of communication or connection into the quantum field. You can enter this field. It’s part of who you are. Whether you are intuitively gifted since birth or you’re a brand new, the power of quantum clairvoyance can take you to an ultimate level of clarity, prosperity, and connection. It does that because you are freed from the planetary thought body.

The moment you got something going on in your life that triggers you in some fashion, the Velcro from the thought body of this planet will attach itself to you and amplify your discomfort. How we apply our spiritual discernment affects the layer of doubt that we need to peel away.

How would you know that you can trust yourself? One way to understand yourself better so you can have better spiritual discernment is to release the doubt and go deeper.

Every one of us has been given the divine connection and the capacity to live the life that we were born to live. Tweet this.

It is important for everyone to some form of a practice or technique that will help us build our confidence and trust in our own intuitive capacity.

Everybody has the ability to connect to information that is not linear.

Quantum clairvoyance is a unique approach to cultivating one’s natural capacity to connect beyond the linear reality.

Your DNA, your crystalline DNA, is actually a whole lot more cosmic than earthly. Tweet this.