Evolution or “Status Quo”, time to move forward!

June 19, 2016 Spirituality Sri and Kira Live

Vegetarian! Really…Do I have to?

Joy or depression? Evolution or Devolution? What is the current trend in your life? Spiritual growth is a journey and at times it seems that we are standing still and at other times we feel the joy of our evolution. We can correct the unproductive trends if we pay attention and apply the tools of our spiritual nature.

Join Sri & Kira as they discuss the qualities you can quickly cultivate to sustain your spiritual momentum and Joy as you lift into the divine evolution of your amazing life.


Some notes from this episode:

Stagnation is an energy that sneaks in all too easily. Stagnation is sometimes misinterpreted as rest. Tweet this.

If you have a path or a practice, then that will provide you with the stability so that you can go out in your life and create. If you don’t have a path or practice, then anytime you take a risk, it becomes riskier.

Path – a personal relationship with spirit/spirituality.

The key in spiritual practice is it leaves you with a sense of peace. With a sense of I belong in this universe. I am connected to something greater.

If you have spiritual practices that keep the doorway to the divine open in your life, then you are plugged into the wisdom of your higher self. You have a greater sense of guidance therefore taking creative risk.

One who seeks maybe seeking from a place of emptiness and is saying to the world “fill me up, fix me somehow”. Basically, someone who wants to be helped or saved. When we seek, we feel empty. To seek just to seek, keeps us stuck.

In order to truly evolve, we must harness the energy of our creative capacities and take the jump across the divide of the unknown.

Creation is not rooted in the past, it starts at present time and is driven by a vision of what is meant to be.