Everyday Mysticism, Deciphering reality from illusion!

January 29, 2017 General Healing Sri and Kira Live

Of course you are a mystic! The vast mystical expressions coming forth can be confusing and sometimes frightening. How do you know what is of love and what is not? Are you truly opening to your higher power, or are you going crazy?

Many are experiencing the increasing energy of these times, and there are easy and powerful steps that assist your growth through this very unique year, 2017!

These steps are “year specific” and will open a portal of greater clarity, abundance and connection once you put them to good use. Now is the time to embrace the greater love as you connect with the bounty of the universe.
Call in with your questions and feedback, and together let’s unfold the mysteries.

“Enlightenment is not imaging figures of light, but making the darkness conscious.”… Carl Gustav Jung