Creating Miracles: Is a Heart-Centered World Possible?

January 24, 2016 Spirituality Sri and Kira Live

creating miracles

Are you a miracle worker? When was the last time you fully gave yourself the gift of RECEIVING MIRACLES as your daily experience? You have the power of miracles in your hand! When we are heart-centered it means we use our “heart” to initiate and guide every thought, feeling, emotion, word, and action. We learn to align who we are and how we see our world with our hearts and not our heads. This week, Sri and Kira guide us toward the principle of recognizing our own ‘Miracle Presence’ by accelerating our awareness, inviting spirit in and working with this gift as a source of wisdom and truth. Powerful, positive and empowering – we learn to open ourselves, expect the best, let go of fear and open the path for delicious divine intervention – and miracles will begin to happen! Join us – call in and share a miracle, ask a question or be blessed by a mini soul reading by Kira!


Some notes from this episode:

Union is an experience, a state of being-ness, we have practiced in various forms throughout our lifetime. The first union began while we were in the womb of our mothers. This is where creation starts to happen. You cells multiply and your consciousness starts to come in. And the universal seed of divine sacred wisdom, love, and eternal connection, begins pulsing before you even take form. This is known as your heart. It starts beating with the divine experience while you are in this beautiful sacred space. And this heart of yours is pulsing your true soul’s mission through every vein, artery, cell, of the body. It circulates the whole intention into every cell that you have in your body.

The first opportunity that we have is to understand union with the vessel. As the soul enters the body, there is collaboration, a sacred union. And then, as the baby is born and moves into the experience of separation from the mother with moments of feeling alone, hungry, cold, and all of the sensory stimulation that comes through that birthing process, there is an environment of contrast that is set up to awaken consciousness. And that is how consciousness informs itself.

Masculine and feminine does not mean male or female. These are qualities. These are energies. Tweet this.

Masculine and feminine is two dimensions of life that are coming together. And if you are able to bring this on the inside, then your outside becomes 100% certain manifestation that becomes the symbolism to show that if you evolve into this ultimate context of inner sacred union, you literally become half-whole man, half-whole woman. NOT NEUTER! (TWEETABLE) This is the whole energy in divine sacred union as a full-fledged man and full-fledged woman. And this is when you are an ascended human being.

The foundation of sacred union really requires that we are in union and at peace with ourselves. Tweet this.

Many of us prefer to stay in the perceived safety of relationships rather than in the ferocious intimacy of partnership. Tweet this.

We all must have relationships before we can enter into divine partnership. Tweet this.

Part of the journey of the relationship is cultivating that Shiva/Shakti union within is the awakening of the temple within, the recognition of the wholeness within. And part of the human experience is often that we learn that through a little bit of pain.

You would also experience having partners in pain. People who have good intentions for you but often times they do not know what they are “doing”. These are people around you who are worried about what you are going through. But they are essentially asleep to the energy that you are claiming as you prepare for that stunning partnership. And the stunning partnership truly comes when you finally have the courage to reside in our authenticity.