Communication! Blessing, Curse or What?

April 16, 2017 General Self Ascension Self Ascension Sri and Kira Live Sri and Kira Live

Communication! Blessing, Curse or What?

What is true communication and is it really part of the Ascension process? There are many examples of communication and some are a blessing and some might be the curse! Tune in and ignite your infinite expression of knowledge, wisdom, and other energies that go beyond the known! Sri & Kira will connect the dots and invite you to consider that it is time to pay attention to the communication of your heart with your Divine presence.

What is your heart communicating? Where is your heart communicating?

How is your heart communicating?

Dive deeply into your mystical nature and go beyond communication as merely,  “you speak, I speak”. So often, speaking has nothing to do with communication!  A fascinating journey that will blow open your ability to CLEARLY MANIFEST and CALL forward your divine self!

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