Can I Really Trust the Messages I Am Receiving?

November 15, 2015 Self Ascension Sri and Kira Live

How often do we dismiss the “dismissible voice” that guides us from within? Or simply deny our inner wisdom through doubt of lack of support from those around us? Sri & Kira share valuable and important ways to assist you to quickly connect with your higher wisdom and the discernment that releases the doubt and invites the trust! Through these simple techniques you will discover a world of answers and the blessing of living in peace! Time to relax into your wisdom, let go of fear and say goodbye to the doubt.



Some important notes from this episode:

If you look to the outer world for answers, you’re gonna be spun crazy. Tweet this.

We really only have one place to go for truth and peace. And that’s inward.

Every being is getting their needs met. Every single being is playing their role perfectly. It doesn’t mean that you have to agree with that role or have any energy around it. It’s just to recognize that every being is playing their role perfectly.

In the recognition of the divine perfection, we lift. And when we do so, we become aware of what’s really happening which helps us establish this trust connection.

Sometimes, crazy is good. Sometimes crazy is innovative. Sometimes crazy is pointing the way. Tweet this.

However, what we’re seeing is all fear based craziness. And it is this craziness that, if would become the norm, will degrade the entire structure of mass consciousness.

Check out and connect with the video for December.

Each of us receives hunches, a nudge, information, or a vision. There are so many different ways that our intuitive body communicates to us. And those ways are as diverse as you are.

A responsible reader will only offer information that will uplift the person receiving it and at the same time it concrete and important information that is timely.

There is often a fascination with intuitive guidance that’s about warning someone, look at something or say something. These aspects of the intuition are red flags because often times this information is coming through an astral interference type connection designed to grab the ego.

If you really want to trust your intuition, then you must release your ego around the messages you receive. Tweet this.

It is not conquering your ego but relaxing your ego from time to time.

Tip to know if you can trust your intuition: Do you feel more peaceful as a result of that experience? Not your interpretation of it but the immediate experience. Because if you have a moment of peace and a moment of love and then you move in to fear, you’ll have to take a look at how your mind is responding to that information because fear is never of the highest.

Fear is always a secondary reaction of an earth based ego. Tweet this.

There is a difference between the intuitive experience and the meaning or the sense you make out of it. When you feel love and peace at first and then feel fear, that change or conversion of feeling is what you added. That’s the peace of your ego, your mind, you beliefs overlaying upon the raw intuitive data.

In the peak kali yuga experience, there are pretty powerful things to realize.

  • You chose to be here.
  • We must accept that everything has been distorted or manipulated.
  • The one thing that is eternally peace-filled, truth-filled, discerning is the seed of the soul, the wisdom that lies on the blue jewel of your divine heart.

If you feel peace, you cannot feel chaos. Chaos and peace cannot exist simultaneously, just like love and hate. Tweet this.

When we seek intuitive information, we are also touching all of the fuel for the distortion. Lifting your consciousness out of your body to get a greater perspective, in order to look ahead, touches into the planetary thought body/astral energy. And that energy is filled with all of the unresolved emotional content of earth. The astral is filled with both beauty and distortion. And it can be seductive. It’s always filled with distortion whether it’s toward beauty or sadness and fear.

When you demand the burning bush, if you get a burning bush, be careful what you’re asking for because what inside of you needs the burning bush? Is it the ego? Or is it the heart?



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