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Living an Authentic Spiritual Life

In this call, Sri and Kira talk about coming out and living your spiritual life in authenticity with their special guest, James Tyberonn, founder of Earth-Keeper ( He's one of the world's most trusted experts in earth energies, healing crystals and gems, vortices and power nodes, sacred sites, and planetary-grid systems. He's written four
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IGNITE Passionate Action & Break Free!

Harness and TRANSFORM the experience of this prolific Mercury Retrograde TODAY! Through the profound power of passionate action you will spread your wings and prepare for take-off! Imagine your life with EVERYTHING aligned and available. Unlock the flame of your divine power as you harness the transformative experience of this energetic moment! Are you ready
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Are we already Navigating WWIII? A loving perspective shared from Sri Ram Kaa

Our world at large is seemingly ripe for even more crisis and war energies. There are economic, social and political pressures weighing heavily on the masses.  We are all offered daily projections of economies crumbling as fear is escalating.  There seems to be a “governing body” that has chosen  "crisis" as the means to mobilize
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