IGNITE Passionate Action & Break Free!

May 1, 2016 Uncategorized

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Harness and TRANSFORM the experience of this prolific Mercury Retrograde TODAY!

Through the profound power of passionate action you will spread your wings and prepare for take-off! Imagine your life with EVERYTHING aligned and available. Unlock the flame of your divine power as you harness the transformative experience of this energetic moment!

Are you ready to trust or addicted to doubt? To manifest the magic of your divine destiny, there is a blessing as you harness passionate action to clear out the past & free yourself from unwanted patterns that keep you stuck.

Tune in as Sri & Kira offer the loving hand of supportive guidance as you breakthrough self-imposed barriers. Now is the time to step confidently into your ASCENDED PASSIONATE SELF.

The phone lines are open for your questions and comments, or the gift of a Mini Soul Reading by Kira Raa. Call-in early as the lines fill up fast!


Ignite the gratitude for the mother within, as you ignite the gratitude for mothering for all. Tweet this.

Ascended abundance is that quantum leap between focusing on what you wish would happen and manifesting what you know is your birth right. This ascended abundance is available to everybody. It’s just a matter of unleashing it. Ignite that divine spark within.

You are the chooser. You are the one who can choose what to do next, how to be next, how to orient yourself to what is happening in your life — and this is one of the keys to your freedom. Another key to your freedom is to be able to stand up and take a step to the left or right, whichever your heart calls you so you can re-orient your relationship with your experiences and to ignite the truth of your ascended heart into action.

To really manifest the absolute magic of your divine destiny, then you must harness and clear. And the only way you can do that is through trust. With trust, we relax into knowing that the universe loves us, and love paves the way.

Love is the great healer, the great connector, and the great flow of giving. Tweet this.

The soul’s energy is the truth of your identity and it has been with you since birth and before. Your soul is infinitely patient and has been offering you signals throughout your life. If there is something that you feel that is time to reignite, if there is passion or a dream that you once had, this could have been a valid nudge by your soul and now may be the perfect time to launch and act on that sign from your soul.

Questioning to discover deeper levels of truth is very useful. Questioning just for the sake of the myriads of complexity actually stalls your momentum.

When we free ourselves to know that we are each here by choice, we are each here for a reason, then we are free to ignite. And we ignite by remembering “I deserve because I was born.” Tweet this.

Your life is your mission. Tweet this.

Negative judgments are holding wounded energy which limits your creative cauldron. Doubt is destroying your creative flow. Tweet this.