FLOURISH Through FEAR As You Gather Your Resources

December 13, 2015 Manifestation Spirituality Sri and Kira Live


The INTENSE opening of the Metronian Star combined with a unique Mercury Retrograde is here and pulsing! What can you expect with this power on the planet and how can you sucessfully move forward with peace, love and joy? Tune in as Sri and Kira boldly share mystical ways you can harness the fear and RELEASE it for extraordinary abundance! Learn how to keep moving forward with confidence as you nourish your body, mind and spirit. Claim your joy as you stabilize your energy field for the next 5 months. Gather your friends and ignite your resources for successful momentum. NOW is your clarity moment . . . join us and smile as the fear releases and the abundance increases. The phone lines are open and your calls, questions and mini soul reading requests are encouraged.

Some important notes from this episode:

We are at the moment where the Metronian star has opened, which means this is the first time ever that we will experience whereas the 5th dimension has anchored, the 9th dimensional portal has already opened, much like a beautiful point of light in the night sky. In this stage, people tend to be preoccupied with issues in their lives, with world events, and so many other things.

How can you flourish through the fear, how can you gather the resources to continue flourishing and basically turn a negative experience into a flourishing and positive experience.

We gain practice with lots of emotions, however, fear seems to be one of the emotions that takes a little longer to master. Tweet this.

Fear also seems to occupy a lot of space in our energy field. A lot of things happening right now around the world can be traced to fear. Fear is actually a cosmic hangover.

There is fear that something can happen. But the anticipation that things are not going to go right, the is the corrosive fear. It is the cosmic hangover that stimulates the anticipatory fear. But with presence, with a little exploration, a lot of anticipatory fear will simple go away because we’re looking closely rather than scrambling to compensate. And looking closely bring us to an acronym that FEAR is false evidence appearing real.

We birthed 2016 in retrograde energy. But this retrograde is also a resurrection. This is where you can flourish because you can either resurrect the old and play it again or you can resurrect the divine, co-creative, abundant being that you are to flourish through these times. When we give ourselves the gift of energetically addressing our fear without having to engage the mind, we can break free of the habitual patterns.

Habitual patterns are buried deep within the subconscious.

Anything that becomes a habit, for the most part, is unconscious. Tweet this.

In order to heal a habit, you first got to jump into the groove and accept that it is there. And do that without judging yourself.

When we give ourselves the gift of constantly reinforcing our divine nature, we become extraordinary miracle makers. Tweet this.

The resolution of fear is an on-going process. Tweet this.

Fear is the disconnect to your divine nature.


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