What are you REALLY eating?

May 18, 2014

When did growing food become a crime?

What are you really eating?

Tune in to hear Sri and Kira discuss:

-The approval of the USDA Food Codex and what it really means! (Just who has power over our food, and why?)
-The current state of the family farm and how their plight affects us as a whole.
-The truth about “organic” food – including the USDA allowable definitions (and manipulations!).
-A fresh look at the effects of food processing.
-Why a vegetarian diet is still your best option if your meat is coming from the factory farming industry.
-Food labeling bills.
-How your food is directly tied to your overall health and what you can do about it.
-Why Big Pharma and factory farming have been conspiring to spread myths that keep you sick.
-How documentaries such as Supersize Me and Fed Up have contributed to the change in the populace’s overall perception of the food industry. Don’t miss the Daily Show interview of Katie Couric, narrator of Fed Up.

The GIFT of taking charge of your food and learning how to eat well. It doesn’t take tons of time to be healthy and nourished! WE WILL SHOW YOU HOW!!