The Myth of Ebola and the Truth of your Healing Power

November 19, 2014 Sri and Kira Live

The “threat” of Ebola is a myth that is being propagated to assist humanity to stay in fear!  As the world embraces the rise of Shakti and the expansion of the energy of momentum, the energy of this media storm is important to gaze at.  Are you falling more and more into fear or are you able to ride the wave of the illusion and embrace the truth?

Sri and Kira welcome Ted Galdi who wrote an inspired novel about the ability to cure Ebola using the “genius” of spirit and will share his inspiration and facts during what will surely be an informative and controversial show!

Tune in and learn why media outlets like Fox new and ABC have been wanting to speak with Ted and BREAK FREE Of the illusion.

The lines are open!  Call in to join the conversation, share your opinion or for a mini soul reading.