The God Particle & 2012!

June 20, 2011

What is the God Particle and why is everyone talking about it? First made popular
in Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons film, the secrets of our origin may lie
within the illusive Higgs boson. Even more stunning is the fact that Rolf-Dieter
Heuer, director of CERN has announced they anticipate this discovery “towards
the end of 2012”! Is this why the Mayan Calendar ends? Does this discovery
usher in a new way of being? Or, could this be the Collision of Worlds or the
New Planet as many are speculating? Is this discovery coded within ancient texts?
Most importantly, once definitively discovered what does this mean for our future,
for religion, for humanity? Sri and Kira dive into this profound subject and
share fascinating insights and reveal hidden ancient information that will open
the portal to your Unification Molecule and ignite the God Particle within.
A must listen!!!