Six Essential Steps to Enlightenment! How to survive the matrix!

April 3, 2013

Let’s face it, our current world experience offers us daily doses of fear, chaos and drama. The “reality” that is trying to captivate your primary attention is far from peace-filled and optimistic. The choice of “which pill” from The Matrix film has reached a critical moment. The gift of this experience is that your ability to claim an ascended life experience has not ever been more available. Sri and Kira take a straight and honest look at the SIX ESSENTIAL STEPS you MUST take to navigate the matrix of your worldly experience and truly BREAK FREE!

As authentic spiritual teachers without agenda, Sri and Kira share what many are not willing to say. Straight forward and clear, they offer you tangible and easy to understand steps you can put into action today! Ready to claim your enlightenment and live a successful spiritual life? Then take notes and listen to this ground-breaking show over and over again. You are just SIX ESSENTIAL STEPS away!