Quantum Healing: Hype or Hope? part 3

June 8, 2014 Articles

Quantum Healing: Hype or Hope? part 3

This article is Part Three of a three-part series. If you haven’t already, we encourage you to go back and read Part One and Part Two (as well as listen to the accompanying podcasts on Sri and Kira LIVE).

Now that we’ve defined healing and looked at common, (mostly) accepted, alternative healing methods, the time has finally come to investigate the final piece of the puzzle: Quantum Healing.

What is Quantum Healing?

Holistic healing is the gateway to Quantum Healing.

With Quantum Healing, we move beyond energy medicine — beyond Reiki or natural treatments. Where Integrative Medicine  is the cutting edge of allopathic training, Quantum Healing is the cutting edge of Energy work.

Quantum Healing involves the recognition that you are an Energy Being who has a multi-dimensional capacity (and history). Once you move beyond the limiting belief that “I am my body” — once there is a recognition that “My essence is eternal” — then Quantum Healing can be effective.

The bridge between holistic energy work and quantum healing is “energy.” As the practitioner attunes to energy flows a realization arises that you “use energy;” that you direct energy and, in fact, are an energy-being. A Multi-dimensional perspective begins to emerge….as the Practitioner begins to see, sense, or recognize that the energy field that surrounds the physical body has layers:

  1. Physical
  2. Mental
  3. Emotional
  4. Spiritual

You are always acting on all four layers; therefore, healing can come in via any one of the four and affect the other three.

Long story short: Quantum Healing works to align the full spectrum of your multi-dimensional beingness.

Reconnecting with the Divine

As your consciousness expands, your perspective on healing changes. You come to realize that your life need not include illness. This is not just a matter of changing beliefs – it is an actual change in reality. Or, as a Shaman might say: You’re awake to a new dream!

At its core, healing is an improvement in the harmony of your being; a movement forward.

Line up your trust with your intuitive guidance. Trust needs to be from the heart, not the mind. Our society has rewarded intelligent thinkers — the brainacs — in so many ways. And yet it is the intelligent lovers who make the changes in the world, who break free and dance in the quantum field. Believe it or not, you knew this once…

You’re closer to the Divine as a child; more open to it. But you’re taught to put out that light, to go as dark as you can, so as not to frighten others. Therefore, you end up living in fear yourself. Fear of the unknown. Grief-stricken over what your life “should” be.

It’s time to surrender to the Golden Light. To finally see all of the paths you’re given in this life.

Oneness and unity are felt as a death to the ego and yet striving for external gratification leaves you feeling hollow. Let go. Feel the despair, feel the humbling, then see the humor and claim the healing.

Choose relaxation and joy.

Own your truth, don’t just wish for it. Awaken, and be cured.

The wisdom to heal yourself has always been there — just let go of your ego, reach forward, and grasp it.

It’s no coincidence that before we began this series, we revealed a secret to you. Now it’s your turn. The only secret left untold is the truth of who you are. Trust yourself. Once you reveal your beingness to yourself you can choose the proper tool you need to heal yourself.

You are a gift and the wisdom you need is already within you.

Take a breath and say “thank you.”

You’ve made it through another day.

Want More? Join us LIVE!

For our culminating episode of our dynamic three-part podcast series, “mainstream” Quantum Healer Eric Pearl is joining us! This is the show where it all comes together — the three articles plus the three live broadcasts — and the illumination of the gift of Quantum Healing reveals itself with greater clarity.

Together with our special guest, we will take you into the journey of our own wisdom and back through the gates of density to discover the quantum field within and the healing that is yours to claim!