Messages for Humanity from Other Dimensions


There are many who perceive that their soul is lost and are seeking guidance. We want our lives to have purpose and reason! It is sometimes the confused heart that is looking for direction. As phenomenon comes forward around us, we look for an explanation. Every day there are questions that ask for answers.

Where can we find the answers? Or, are the answers already here, simply waiting for us to understand?

Let us remember that just because we cannot see something does not mean it does not exist. Click to Tweet

Air is always around us! We can feel it, breathe it, and experience it. So to is our life force, our vital energy.

Messages for Humanity from Other Dimensions

There are those who can feel spirits and easily communicate with them. By getting in touch with these spirits can we get the answers we are looking for? Are there other unseen beings that we can seek? Just what are these “source” we connect with to ask our questions?

The unseen and those who don’t want to be seen

Some would ask, especially the skeptics, if there are spirits why we can’t see them? Or, why are only some gifted who can see and communicate with theses other-worldy beings?

Consider this, if everyone was seeing them, the world would be quite different. Additionally, and most importantly, not everyone is fully prepared to see and clearly understand the messages that they could bring to us. Quite possibly, some of these messages or information might be a shock for the humanity. We are truly loved enough that benevolent ones would only meet us at the level our physical bodies and minds can receive without shock.


It is said that Angels are messengers of God: “Higher” beings that bring news and assistance to mankind on humanities destiny and much more.

This news may not always be perceived as good news for everyone—there can be warnings or other messages that can easily be misunderstood. Perhaps this is why many cannot just “see them”; to avoid the creation further chaos. They are there as a gift of guidance and support.

Spirit Guides

Understanding that there are life forces that cannot be seen such as our own life force energy, we may ask, what happens to the spirit of those who have left the planet?

One accepted possibility is that those with strong life force energy have the ability to cross over from this life and to also bridge back to the “land of the living” to communicate. Some may have unfinished business. Simply stated, before they left this plane of existence, there was a message needed, to tell us something so that they could be complete with this experience.


Just over 500 years ago, humanity believed that the earth was the center of the universe. Until it was proven that we are not! We are merely a small part of it. What you currently believe about earth and humanity may not be true in just a few years. Compared to the universe, our planet is barely microscopic. It is becoming ever harder to believe that within the vastness of the universe we are alone and the only living beings.

There is the possibility that aliens might be more advanced compared to us and might have visited us in the distant past. There is mounting evidence that they established communication with our ancestors. All this begs the question, why won’t they appear to us now if they really are here? As with other-worldy beings, one aspect could be that there is information we might not yet be ready to know. Imagine the shift that this evidence would bring forward to organized religion, politics and our own understanding of what it is to be human.

The messages

We believe and have experienced that indeed there are other beings that are yet to be seen by the masses of humanity. The question still remains, are we collectively ready to face the truth of this experience? Are we ready to know the answers that we have been searching for? Or, would the answers lead to greater questions and greater confusion?

We are in the midst of six weeks of exploring these questions and discovering the answers! From channeling to manipulation, and from trance experiences to the “real”, tune in as we continue this journey and discover that there is MUCH more than you have already discovered.