Magic stones…really?

October 4, 2015 Mythology

magic stones

Our mind invites images of fantastic stories when we hear the word magic and skepticism is our first response to many of these tales. During their recent pilgrimage to India Sri & Kira “accidentally” were connected with AUTHENTIC and RARE Shaligrams and have much to share about their first hand experience and the ancient lore around these “incarnations of Vishnu as the Universal principle”. Fascinating and uniquely Sri & Kira, discover why these energies are revealing themselves on the planet now.



Some important notes from this episode:

Spiritual response to terror attacks

The actual events that are going on in our planet are not that different from events that had happened in the past. It’s the frenzy, the focus of the population, and the actions of the people that surrounds the event that is different. All of these things combined creates an electric environment that distracts us from a lot of things. This “frenzy” will end the minute you let go of trying to navigate the planetary thought body.
Lion moment – do we stand as empowered beings at peace with ourselves and our world or do we collapse in a sense of uncertainty and fear and move in to a cycle of repetition because we’ve done that one before.
When we give into the anger or the fear or the doubt or the confusion, we’re actually sucking our energy in from the planetary thought body which brings us into an energy of densified realms.
When we are able to breathe our way through this with passionate action, it means that we can lift through it, see the divine, see the bigger picture and take our action from a place of peace.
Kali Yuga – the final stage where things are corrupted, things are in disrepair. Human activities will be distorted. It was meant to describe a time of transition

When we take our passionate action, you are able to become the attraction field of the entire universe. Tweet this.

On Ascended Discernment

We do not fully understand the transition until we’re on the other side.

Shaligram stones 100,000,000 years old black stones (mostly) – instantaneous divine connections. They have been written in the Mahabharata, Sutras, etc. They are considered auspicious and rare. They offer the six values of life; good living, abundance, protection, health and vitality, pleasure filled life, and spiritual blessing.

A crystal in the hand of a person with healing intent can amplify healing energy and can also bring forward new information, things that you forgot.

As we each allow ourselves to unfold our inner magic, the universe will support that magic. Tweet this.


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