Is Humanity Ready for Contact With Alien Beings?

August 10, 2014 UFOs & Aliens

In this episode, Sri and Kira welcomes guest Bill Birnes,  star and co-producer of UFO Hunters and co-author of the best selling book, “A Day After Roswell.”


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Some important notes from this call:

UFO Hunters was born out of UFO Files, a show that predated it for 10 years. It debuted in The History Channel alongside Ice Road Truckers and gained a loyal following after the first season.  It was suddenly cancelled after the fourth season and here’s why:

  1. Budget for producing the show became very expensive. It cost around $300,000 per episode to produce. Money was channelled to other new shows in History’s new paranormal channel, H2.
  2. The show ran into a lot of trouble after airing an episode showing human-bovine experimentation in Mexico. It prompted a US Senator to introduce a bill that makes it illegal to interbreed humans with animals. Consequently, UFO Hunters  got a warning not to air anything about human-animal interbreeding .
  3. History wanted them to go on the safe side of UFOs. For example,they were warned not to go to Area 51 and take photos of government installations and informants, which they were doing. The show was getting dangerously close to to revealing government secrets about UFOs.

Bill conducted further investigations on the human-headed cow in Mexico and found out that:

  1. The government was doing the actual cattle mutilation themselves.  They do not want to buy herds of cattle for experimentation and mutilation because that which would attract the attention of the press.
  2. The government was looking for signs of mad cow disease in connection with the beef industry.
  3. The government was using soft tissues from cattle for research, e.g. stem cell research.

The real reason the government is trying to keep a lid on the UFO/Paranormal issue

The UFO issue is more than just other worldly beings  interfering with our world, timeline. Etc. It’s also a human empowerment issue. Its about maintaining control over society.

Has the government  been working with other worldly beings?

July 1952 – President Harry Truman acknowledges the presence of UFOs.

1966 – Michigan Congressman Gerald Ford writes to the House Armed Services committee and the House Science and Astronautics Committee and asks them to conduct a series of hearings about the hundreds of UFO sightings in Michigan. Ford would later become a US president.

1974 – President Ford says he would reveal the truth about UFOs.

1975 – Charles Manson attempts to assassinate Ford and his wife. Later on, Mason brags that he works for the government

1976 – The Modern Age of UFO Research begins with Major Jesse Marcel and his participation in UFO recovery.

Government participates in spreading misinformation about UFOs and Aliens.