Energy and Chanelling

May 4, 2014 Articles

energy and channeling

There are many forms of energy revolving around us. These energies, regardless of their form, have a greater opportunity to embrace their full potential. We simply need to learn how to unleash and maximize them! This is especially true of the energy within us.

For the past weeks, we have been discussing, alternative healing methods and quantum healing. This has brought forward the word or concept of energy. Remember, we are Energy Beings. We harness and use energy constantly.

How we can maximize and unleash the full potential of our energy? For this to happen positively, we first need to know how to channel it wisely.

What is Channeling?

Egyptian healing rods, acupuncture, magnetic therapy, reiki and homeopathy are all part of the commonly accepted alternative healing methods. What do they have in common? They unleash energy that is channeled through the body. They assist your body’s healing mechanisms by either boosting your energy or assisting you to receive energy.

Egyptian healing rods transfer stored energy to the body. Acupuncture use needles to release the negative energy within your body. Magnetic therapy harnesses the magnetic field so that your body ignites a better energy flow.

What happens when we learn how to use our own body as the medium of those energies?

Our body as a medium

As an Energy Being, our energy is life itself. From the Oriental perspective, (Chinese or Japanese), it is called iqi (or ki). As we translate qi, it is the ‘energy flow’ or ‘life force’. This life force within us is often referred to as spirit. Our spirit has this vast amount of energy. And, our body is more than just a container of that energy. Beyond receiving and releasing energy, we can be the channel of these energies.

There are some who have learned how to use their body as the medium of energies to serve and assist others. They either have excess energy that they can share for those who are in need or they become the bridge from one source of energy and transfer it to one who needs energy. While not everyone may chose to ignite this gift within, we can learn how to heal ourselves with energy.

Positivity and Harmony

Yes, anyone who chooses has the ability to channel those energies. We can easily heal ourselves utilizing the energy that we store deep inside our body. There are different ways of channeling the energies within us.

Staying positive and living in harmony will automatically increase your positive energy. We are all living spirit and we are unified as one with each other and with nature. Sharing positive energy will attract even more positive energy around us and boost our pool of life force energy. Conversely, living with anger attracts negativity, repels positivity, and leaks your energy leaving you depleted and without the reserves to meet life’s day to day experiences.

Remember! Sincerity, (love), attracts and Frustration, (anger), Repels! Click to tweet this.

Understanding Spirit as Energy

Once you invite a shift in your perspectives it is easy to understand that energy has many different forms. Our spirit is energy itself. Energy is life. Therefore Life is spirit!

If our body was not illuminated with energy or spirit, life would cease. All of these forms of energy as spirit are what we harness as the fuel to channel.

Join us THIS SUNDAY, June 29 as we open up a month long exploration of these energies. We will dive deeply into the life force that we cannot see but we can feel.

Together with our guests Steve and Barbara Rother of we will explore the vast amount of the energies that we channel and how it affects everything in our lives.