Empowering Your Divine Flow

November 28, 2007

Our culminating episode during our month of Empowering Gratitude is a truly Divine journey into the inner flow that supports us all ~ the recognition that we are the Divine flow we seek! Just how do we integrate this knowing? Are there steps we can take to empower our Divine Flow? Drawing from this month’s powerful shows, Sri and Kira will weave a loving tapestry of Abundance, Gratitude and Empowerment offering you the blessings of the Thanksgiving of YOUR Divine Flow. Call-in and share your insights, just say hello, or ask for guidance from the Archangelic Realm! This is your moment, and you are ready! “Hold the truth of the Divine in your heart, hold the wholeness in your heart, and there can only be one outcome, Divine reconnection.” ~ Archangel Zadkiel, 2012: You Have a Choice, page 89