Discover Your Deepest Intent

September 26, 2007

Deep in your soul lies something beyond all desires and motivations. It is your truest intent. Do you know what yours is at any moment in time? Join Sri & Kira as they welcome Reverend Deborah L. Johnson and together discuss your most important creative force. Through a series of letters revealed to Deborah by Spirit in her new book, Your Deepest Intent, join us on a guided journey to Oneness. Navigate through the peaks and valleys of inner excavation and outer integration to pure intent—the place where thoughts, words, and actions align, where cross-purposes are ended. Together with insights from the Archangelic Realm, this is a powerful show of clarity and In-lightenment. Be sure to call-in for your Mini Soul Reading, to ask a question, or just say hello! “Let your soul lead, let your precious soul be your guide!”…Archangel Zadkiel