Chaos and Crisis: The Energies of 2012

September 5, 2012

Chaos is building! Crisis is building! And, in a time when crazy is the new “normal,” Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa are here to guide you and answer the questions plaguing your weary mind. Have the last few months seemed out of control? Have you had a sense of foreboding you can’t quite put your finger on? There’s a reason for that! As we move past the midway point of 2012, fear and anger have become the predominant energy on the planet. From polarizing political views with the presidential election in the United States and the recent Non-Aligned Movement in Iran, to a surge of strange environmental shifts, everyone is feeling the changes in the planet’s energy. From an upswing in earthquakes and tsunami warnings to massive civil unrest and general uneasiness,the “crisis energy” of 2012 is spreading. And it’s worldwide! Tune in as Sri and Kira discuss current events from around the world, the physical and emotional symptoms of 4th dimensional collapse, and the dangers of not choosing a side. Do NOT stay in the Gray Zone!