Big Brother: Big Bother

June 11, 2012

What are you willing to sacrifice in the name of “safety?” Are we all being manipulated by Big Brother? More importantly, is it our fault? Sri and Kira dive into this one whole-heartedly! We’re on the verge of a new caste system-don’t you want to know how you fit into it?

What is the true role of Big Brother? And how is it similar to that of a priest? You’re not going to want to miss the answer to this one! Sri and Kira provide insight that may change your daily routine-and very existence-forever. Are you the leader or the one being led? What’s your role in this life?

Subconsciously, who has your attention? Is it the cannibals in the news? The so-called “zombie apocalypse?” Walmart?

Big Brother? Big bother! Tune into Higher Love for one of the most intriguing podcasts you’ll hear all year. Get ready to get connected. Get ready to live your life free of manipulation.