Ascension & Ancient Science! Revealing the Hidden truths!

December 14, 2014 Sri and Kira Live

SRI and KIRA Live: science & ascension with Neet Singhal With the myriad of spiritual beliefs and ways to access the mysteries of the universe as vast as the universe, is there a way to definitively experience the divine? Can we connect without years of meditation or study? Is the vast gift of divine connection only for the few or can anyone discover the beauty and healing capacity of this energy?

Sri and Kira welcome very special guest Neeta Singal of Mumbai, India as together they discuss the ancient science of RRST and Ascension.

Tune in as you expand yourawareness and allow your deepest soul’s knowing to awaken to the vast potential of your limitless abundance! This is a fascinating show with open phone lines! Be sure to call in to ask your questions, receive your answers and to ask for mini soul readiings.