Apathy Is Armageddon

April 2, 2008

OK, take a breath and ask yourself, what is really challenging you in this minute about our planet? Then ask yourself, What are you willing to actually Do about it? This is NOT a show to inspire you to activism, it IS THE SHOW to share the profound secrets that are present in our world that actually encourage apathy and how you can unwind this force without war, anger or fear! 2012 is just a few years away, and the time is now for you to be in the ACTION of your TRUTH. We are at the 11:59 hour of our existence on this planet…ARE YOU READY TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE? The lines are open for your comments, questions or soul reading requests! Take action, listen and then move forward with great joy! “Imagine how powerful scattered energies are when there is a large release due to earthquakes, storms, wars and more. Where does all that scattered energy go?” Archangel Zadkiel, 2012 You Have a Choice, pg. 167