Angels, UFOs and Mis-information

June 8, 2014 Archangelic Messages Multidimensional Communication UFOs & Aliens

In this episode, Sri and Kira discusses the misinformation against UFOs and aliens as seen on media. They also share powerful revelations about UFOs as communicated by archangel Zadkiel. Listen if you want to know the answer to the question: Are we alone?

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Angels, UFOs and Mis-information Part 1

Angels, UFOs and Mis-information Part 2

Angels, UFOs and Mis-information Part 3

Here are the notes from this call:

Hollywood treatment of UFOs

UFOs have fascinated people around the world. A proof of this is the large number of movies and TV shows about aliens and UFOs. Initially, movies were “benevolent” towards these beings, e.g. ET, Third Kind, and Close Encounters. But then things changed. Suddenly, movie production companies and  the government want people to be afraid of extraterrestial life.

 What is the Planetary Thought Body?

The Planetary Thought Body is the energy of unresolved hurt, pain, and fear.  Everytime a person releases a great emotion, whether it’s pain or joy, that emotion travels. The coarser emotions get caught in a web and remain within the planet sort of like a dark cloud hanging over our heads. Joy and love, on the other hand,  just keeps going towards the universe. It’s noticed and felt by people and then it flows out to the universe.

Is there life on Mars?

As technology evolves, there evidence that there was life on Mars — and even the moon — becomes undeniable. Just look at the NASA photos. You will round impressions where buildings and structures once stood as well as evidence that water once flowed in the planet.  This tells us that there was once life and civilization in this planet.

Interestingly, Pope Francis, the head of the Catholic Church, is open to the idea of Martians. In the true spirit of openness, he would even baptize them saying “When the Lord shows us the way, who are we to say, ‘No, Lord, it is not prudent! No, let’s do it this way’.  Who are we to close doors?” (Source)

Archangelic Messages about current world conflicts

Take a step back and look into what’s happening into the world. There’s conflict in Israel, Iraq, Africa, Ukraine, etc. There is conflict everywhere. And we’re getting all these info immediately because communication is so  much faster now than it was before thanks to technology and social media. As a consequence, people are getting numbed with information.

Many of these conflicts happened during the month of July, the month of integrity and revelation. Everything that’s been bubbling over, hiding beneath the surface, finally showed it self in July. These conflicts are proof of that.

To deal with the numbness brought about my overwhelming information… to make sense of these conflicts, we use Conscious Connection. It means that you are paying attention. So often we are looking to the world with the filter of our habitual understanding. There is certain reassurance that comes with the predictable even if there is something missing. (click to tweet this) People get addicted to their common situation, even the pain. We become addicted to the pain because it gives us a sense of vitality.

This same habitual mindset is what we use to cope with the unknown. Say for example that you have a UFO encounter, or you suddenly begin channeling without you knowing it. There is a sense of emotional component that is not comforting and we begin to get scared.

To get out of this habitual mindset, to get over your addiction to your story, you need to have activity. Get out of your way to be active and delve deeper into any action that you take, whether it’s meditation or exercising.

Going back to the current world conflicts and the chaos that it creates, here is what we need to remember: Chaos is a reorganization of a status quo. It does not mean that it is bad.It simply means that things are changing.  (Click to tweet this)

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Misinformation is one of the ways you can manipulate a person who is in a  free will zone. Click to Tweet

The Roswell incident is a very good example of this misinformation. On the day itself, people and members of the military went on the record saying that they have crash remains and they have bodies. A day after the event, they changed their tune and called it weather balloons.

And may believed it.  It’s as if that as a culture, we want to be asleep. We will believe a lie if it gives us the perception of safety. We will believe because we want to be safe. However, the ultimate safety is the wisdom of your own spirit. The wisdom to see the gift of every action versus the fear of the lower level of consciousness.

Confusion is the gateway to the hypnotic state. A confused mind is easier to manipulate. Misinformation occurs in a confused mind.

On truth and experiences

The interpretation and understanding of what is seen is unique because it depends on the listener. For example, people who are looking at a video of UFO phenomenon will see it differently. Some will see the UFOs . Some will see nothing.

Everybody is victimized by their on senses. People who are more open to receiving discomforting experiences will see more than people who only see black and white.

Revelations from Archangel Zadkiel

Everyone will have the experience they are seeking.

There will be undeniable alien ships that will come. However, the first ships that come will be the manipulated presence. They are actually in conspiracy with your leadership in your planet. It’s the second wave of ships that will come that are benevelont. They will come to say hello.