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Is There a Spiritual Side To Politics?

In this call, Sri and Kira discuss whether we can we infuse illumination into the governing of our society with their guest Da Vid Raphael, MD director of the San Francisco Medical Research Foundation and director of The Global Peace Foundation. He is also an artist and has coined the term “Artainment.” He is also
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Messages for Humanity from Other Dimensions

In this episode, Sri and Kira continue their deep journey to multidimensional communication with Melody O'Ryin Swanson about, publisher and editor or Sedona Journal of Emergence.  They share the secrets of navigating the storm of messages that are coming forward. Listen Now: [audio mp3="
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Haarp’s Impact on Global Climate Change and Your Spiritual Awakening

Climate change as it relates to global warming is something that's been in the news for a while now. It was brought to the forefront of our collective attention in 2006 when Al Gore released his Academy Award-winning documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, and hasn't really left since. Even if you don't avidly follow along with every "
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