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Spiritual Life or Not…Time to Come Out!

In this call, Sri and Kira talk about coming out and living your spiritual life in authenticity with their special guest, James Tyberonn, founder of Earth-Keeper ( He's one of the world's most trusted experts in earth energies, healing crystals and gems, vortices and power nodes, sacred sites, and planetary-grid systems. He's written four
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The Great Illusion! Chaos or Blessing

In this thought-provoking call, Sri and Kira welcome Carolyn Gervais and discuss the metaphysical concepts of multidimensional beings, parallel universe, cosmic life regression, and heaven. Carolyn is a long-time writer for the  Sedona Journal of Emergence.  She's an ordained spiritual psychologist and a certified hypnotherapist. She's also a professional singer. Her book "I Dreamed I
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Energy and Chanelling

There are many forms of energy revolving around us. These energies, regardless of their form, have a greater opportunity to embrace their full potential. We simply need to learn how to unleash and maximize them! This is especially true of the energy within us. For the past weeks, we have been discussing, alternative healing methods
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