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Kira Raa is Cured!!Lupus, Fibromyalgia, and Chronic Fatigue!

CLAIM YOUR CURE! E-book: free to first 200 respondents! (99 cents thereafter) Kira’s Cure! Journeying Through Illness and Addiction: A Guide for the Afflicted and Those Who Love Them For over two years we have been keeping a secret. But a secret is only a secret so long as it's kept. And the time has finally
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When Did Healthy Eating Become Illegal?

When Did Healthy Eating Become Illegal? Food is a gift. Our bodies -- the physical temples that house our spiritual selves -- are with us for the duration of our earthly existence. It's only natural that we would want to fuel our bodies with the best food available. That we would do our very best
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Marijuana Legalization: Opening Our Minds to New Opportunities?

No matter where you live, the United States' issues regarding the legalization of marijuana have most likely entered into your consciousness. It's inescapable! The struggles people are facing in their attempt to get their hands on what nature so abundantly provides, has been in the news for months. However, while "will they or won't they"
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