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Animals in Danger – Healing partners for our world

Animals in danger! Healing partners for our world [audio mp3=""][/audio] GUEST: Dr. Juan Pablo Calderon -- This gifted veterinarian from Guatemala has advanced training and experience in working with endangered species of animals and numerous rescue organizations and zoos. He often works
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Discover the TRUTH of Miracle Manifestation!

In this very special call, Sri and Kira explore the absolute truth about miracle manifestation. They will help you move from wishful thinking to wish fulfilment using a 4-point-pyramid of crystalline purity from whence you collect your miracle energy. They will also share the 3 trapdoors that people often fall through when they are manifesting. LISTEN
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Government Secrets! Are They Needed and Why

In this revelatory call, Sri and Kira welcome Fred Burkes and discuss the amount of government secrecy, conspiracy and cover ups that goes on around and how we can deal with all the information. Fred used to be part of the US state department as a language interpreter. He has worked with a couple of
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