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Live your Ascended Life Today!

The fear energy of December 2017 does not define you! What does it really mean to ascend into the fifth dimensional energy of the twinning earth? How can you embrace this energy NOW? As time speeds up through the 2015-2022 escalator to Ascension, our awareness opens ever more. This is THE MOMENT to come forward with
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True Thanksgiving . . . Nourish Your Soul ! With Guest Jenna Davilla!

Are you ready to offer to yourself the ultimate gift of pure soul nourishment in your life? Have you been confused by all the information “out there” that has caused you concern? Do the foods we eat SUPPORT our lift or DEFLATE us? Join us for this FUN-Filled hour and CELEBRATE as we break through
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Awakening to Universal Energy…Now! ARE YOU READY? Now is the time to seriously ask:

Are we willing to peace-fully integrate as a global society? Is humanity finally ready to care for the Earth and ALL of its inhabitants? To fully awaken to this expanded paradigm opens the door to our full recognition that we are Universal Citizens, aligned with energies far beyond this one beautiful planet! This a giant
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