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UFO Abductees, Experiencers and Contactees: A conversation with James Gililand

Channeling has been a common occurrence throughout the history of mankind. Yet, starting in the late 1970’s there was a resurgence of this process whereby an otherworldly being communicates through a human. Sri and Kira join with their guests, Steve and Barbara Rother to discuss the challenges and the gifts of living with channeling as
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Successful Living in the Fifth Dimension

The Earth is twinning, the moon is full and we are entering the shadow of a powerful Mercury retrograde! More than ever, now is the time to pay attention the the energies of our planet as sustainable "waves of enlightenment"! Yet, everything is changing and polarity is reaching powerful new highs everyday. Sri and Kira
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Spiritual Life or Not…Time to Come Out!

In this call, Sri and Kira talk about coming out and living your spiritual life in authenticity with their special guest, James Tyberonn, founder of Earth-Keeper ( He's one of the world's most trusted experts in earth energies, healing crystals and gems, vortices and power nodes, sacred sites, and planetary-grid systems. He's written four
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