You Are Infinite and You Are Awake!

September 14, 2014 Self Ascension

As our world calls out to stop the insanity that is presenting itself on a daily basis, Sri, Kira and special guest, Almine explore the Calendar of Oneness and the gift of living your life as a channel of divinity.


We all seem to be in a path of expanding perceptions, recognitions, and discernments. This is called self-ascension, the lifting into an ever refining level of truth. It is remembering our extended presence.

Keeping Our Eyes on the Divine

If we can look through the illusion, chaos, projected thought forms of control and competition and see the divine energy that has permeated all of our ocean of existence, we have that cosmic reassurance, we have the capacity to be present, to respond both humanly and spiritually. The capacity to respond is one of our inner treasures that can never be taken away.

release any and all fear of death

Powering Through Fear

Each of us finds that fulcrum moment in our lives where we leap forward in spite of the fear. That moment, we are empowered because emotion is just a part of the coloring of the moment. It does not need to define our direction.

Trusting the Universe

If we give our trust to the universe and say “Flow through me,” our emotional bodies might try to say we’re afraid. But if we just breathe in and trust the universe to work, we realize that it never disappoints.

Seeing the Divine in Ourselves

When we allow ourselves to see the divine in everyone and to see the divine at all times, what we’re doing is we’re empowering ourselves and everyone we come in contact with to see their own divinity. It’s a beautiful way to communicate beyond many of the other choices we have on this planet. The more intuitive, psychic, telepathic, the more we develop these abilities, the more loving we become, the more compassionate, and the more patient.

Asking for Help

It’s important to remember that, oftentimes, when we come to those perceived obstacles, that’s when we lift our hands and say, “Help me.” The “help me” is more of an inward summoning of a deeper wisdom. The “help me” is also saying “I remember.” When we finally allow ourselves to relax and to say “help me,” there’s also the simultaneous all-the-way giving.

As one shares visibility and the authenticity and the transparency of an authentic being, we ignite others. It’s joyful and it’s a service. It takes courage, but suddenly courage becomes part of the authenticity. In our infinite awakedness, we heal ourselves and we heal the planet. Our presence is the greatest gift that can heal anyone. That’s because we are living our authenticity.