Who are the Blue Starborn & the Cosmic Essene?

March 8, 2015 Spirituality

In this call, Sri and Kira talk about rising energy, or chakra vastu, of April as well as the



Here are some highlights from this call:

Release the doubt. Release the fear. Trust your intuition.

To have fear is to be human. To transmute fear is to be divine.

The ascension process… this evolution of consciousness… this awakening of the human, is not just happening to you. It is happening to the planet. It is happening to everybody sharing this micro chasm.


What happens when you activate your Third Eye?

Consider what it means to be activating the third eye, the intuitive center. Many people think that the intuitive center is about seeing auras and predicting the future. It is more than that. It is about the conscious connection to the non-physical. It is about understanding the relationship we have as consciousness to the greater world.  As we open our intuitive capacity, you are saying that you are willing be to be connected to that which is beyond form.

As we develop or expand any particular level in our chakra system, it brings a blessing to your lives. As you are expand you grounding, you are expanding your capacity to be safe in the world. As you expand your heart, you are expanding your compassion and your ability to be passionate.

If you expand your sixth chakra, without expanding your grounding or your heart, you’re going to be tottering.

Each of us in a journey.

Consider for moment that each of us is in a journey. That journey is both physical, emotional, spiritual and more. Sometimes we may not have the vocabulary to describe what is happening but we are definitely feeling the shift.

Delight in the fact that we are ever the same, ever renewed.  There are cycles within cycles. With every cycle/revolution, you are better. you are carrying more wisdom. So here is a reminder:

Now is the time to start fresh with the collective wisdom of your journey. Let go of the past. The past is past. It is done. Finito. Here we are. HERE WE ARE NOW.

Each of us must tend to our garden yet not forget the bigger picture. There are seasons in our lives. There are timings in our live. We are doing it perfectly.  There is a moment when we step out of the pattern of dealing with life and step into LIVING our life.  To move from coping to creating.

You deserve because you were born.

The abundance of the universe is your birthright because you were born here.

Who are the Blue Starborn?

Some of the very first beings to walk the earth are the Blue Starborn. They are celestial beings and their presence has been recorded in ancient India as evidences in the blue coloration of lord Shiva and Krishna.

What is the Cosmic Essene?

The distinction between the Essene that walked in the biblical times of this planet and the Essene is this:

The Essene incarnate carry the engery of Essena but the energy of the essena carries the eternal cosmic Blue Starborn heritage that is active in all beings when relax and simply release our fear.

Essene is the third dimensional attempt to label the energy of Essena.