When Consciousness Collides with the Planetary Thought Body!

August 21, 2013

Browse any newsfeed, listen to any popular media or simply pay attention to the conversations that are abundant you will discover that the energy of fear-based adrenaline is seemingly taking over. Bradley Manning is sentenced to 35 years, Egypt is on the brink of civil war, Syria may have used chemical weapons and teenagers are murdering out of boredom! This can be overwhelming to the consciousness of our planet and can seem out of control. The truth is that the stream of conscious is simultaneously rising with the Planetary thought body and these two energies are poised for an imminent collision. During this powerful show Sri and Kira share lively insights that will open your consciousness connection to the energies at play and how to harness them into pro-active and creative manifestation. All is not lost! Indeed, in many ways we are just beginning. Gift yourself with 30 minutes of refreshing perspectives and expanded views.