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March 9, 2014 General

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What Listeners Are Saying!

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Sri and Kira welcome your feedback! Many of our topics are controversial, so whether you are engaged in Passionate Action or feel called to express your activism, we want to hear from you.

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Dear Sri and Kira,
Thank youfor today’s show. (August 24) In the beginning I tuned in feeling a little bit overly saturated from the concerns of the world. At first I was thinking a bit sardonically, "Yeah right they’re going to talk about this, zippa dee doo da." Then by the end of the show, with the information and the messages of the callers combined, I was feeling a lot more inspired. It’s a really great technique for manifestation. Thank you so much.

Dear Sri and Kira,
Thank you so much for your show today.
Thanks to Robert as well. Before the show, I was in a place where I was not feeling inspired at all. Afterwards, I felt my previous drive to lead an awakened life returning. So thank you for providing this space.
Michele Marie

Dear Sri and Kira,
Namaste. Thank you for today’s show (Aug. 17). It gave me some great guidelines for being aware of what’s going on in the world and responding in a what that is in alignment with my higher self. Thank you for the excellent guest and conversation.

Sri and Kira,

I send this message to you today with a heart that is full of love,gratitude and light. And I arc this energy to you both from my Holy Christ/Buddha Self. Count thy persecutions for joy knowing that as the Master was persecuted so shall those who truly believe in the Light and have desired to share this Light with the rest of the world be persecuted. But know this that for each persecutor there will be at least 10 if not more lifting up their heart in gratitude for the ministry and service that you both give everyday through your Authentic Selves. Love and Light- Namaste, Karen

Dear Kira, In my heart and Soul,I am with you. In March 2013, I began my waking up to the signs of a break down of my health, a deep fatigue came over me that would not go away. Even though I would go to bed early I would wake up tired. I have been in the field of holistic health for near 30 years. I began my learning steps way back in 1968. I, too,was urged into a western medication program. It caused symptoms, rashes. I was too sensitive,it was ‘no go’ for me too.I had to withdraw carefully. Now, I am on a herbal program and seeing a energy practitioner of Resonance Repatterning –I am blessed to have her her in my residence town. Thanks to God! Blessings and much love to you both. Christy

Hi Sri and Kira! I just wanted to tell you that my husband I look forward to 3:00 (EST) every Sunday. We really enjoy your radio show. My husband and I truly love and bless you both with Love and Light! He was with me the day that I received my soul reading through Kira. In a word, it blew us away ! Paz, Amor Divino y Alegria, Karen K

Dear Sri and Kira,
Namaste. The other week you responded to my letter on the air. The more that I think of it the more I realize how much I appreciate having these teachings in my life – like Avesa, Archangel Zadkiel etc…While many people had fearful images for 2012, I had created a rather ideal one. Part of it was that somehow I thought everyone would want their energy fields cleaned up for 2012. Come 2013 I was disappointed.Now I realize the bottom line is to be committed to your guidance and to keep walking. Lately I’ve been getting guidance to do the Numerology workshop. Life really is better with all this. 
Many thanks.

All the best,
Anna N

We love all your shows and are looking forward to hearing this guest ("Corey" on The Truth About Medical Marijuana). Your guests are always so interesting. We wrote in once, but we are kinda shy so have not called in. But we are out here in the California desert, listening to you for years (and saying “That’s for me!!”) Love and Light, Joe & Linda

So beautiful. Thank you. Vara
(on Climate Change Article)

Dear Sri and Kira, Thank you for your encouragement and support for the many steps of learning that has been challenging the last two years. Expect a wonder -filled year! Much Love Christy.

Wonderful show! (on Claiming Chaos as a Gift) Your advice truly helps. Thank you!! E

I have been listening to you for years after first seeing you lie at a New Living Expo event in San Francisco years ago. Thank you! Miranda L.

Your radio show (Everything Can Be Healed) helped me a lot in personal healing. That was to love every part of your body. It is the home of your soul! Love Mikey

Dear Sri and Kira,
Namaste. I realized that if I really want to live in a new paradigm I need to be more proactive in my own every day life in creating it. I did get a lot of my original inspiration from your show. I’m glad that you’re on the air with guests and live call-ins! Anna

I think your radio shows have been excellent! I want to direct this to Kira. I want to thank You for sharing with me how You lost the pounds You did. I am alright now, but for the last two and a half weeks I was kind of sick and I lost 25 pounds. This is something I wanted. Gratitude and Love Mikey

Hi Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa!

I love you both so much! I’m writing just to express appreciation and gratitude that my friend Adam has introduced me to you. He is soul family and we’ve chosen to reunite and it is such an amazing gift! I’m so happy to hear that you will be talking about diet and cleansing on next week’s show!

Adam and I both work with the Raw Living Expo (among other things, haha!) and I am the host and manager of Raw Living Radio and our topics often turn to consciousness and how the cleansed temple/vessel have so much to do with spiritual awakening, although we haven’t touched on self ascension, Adam and I discuss it continuously.

One day we plan to come play with you in Guatamala and he’s going to be taking the Ascended Numerology course. We both recognize that we’ve come together to assist each other in doing much work here with other people in their healing, cleansing and awakening processes as we aid each other in our own. We’re even working on a recipe book together! There may be a Soul Partnership here as well as we explore. I once daydreamed of calling you about that but in doing the lessons have let go of expectation and settled into Love and Trust which is better than looking for answers to what my soul already knows ;^) – we’ve got some sacred elders waiting for us to join together in the desert to do more work so I’m moving out to Joshua Tree to be near him and see where this wonderful work guides us.

Anyhow, just wanted to share with you as your work and what you share is a large part of our experience together and also rooted to how we were brought back together now. Peace, Love and Joy! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Be Well, Be Inspired and Be The Change!!

Clementine Libre

The Raw Living Expo and The Best of Raw Awards

Just want to thank Bartley (Sri and Kira’s French bulldog) for his background toning! Hugs – love your show. Michelle

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your Buddhist-like Style of discourse and questioning presentation. It is helpful for the mind sorting process I receive while listening to the both of you during your shows. C

Great show! (on Releasing Dimensional Dementia) I’ve been a long time listener, but today something clicked and I really got it! Elizabeth

Hi Sri and Kira,

I so enjoyed the radio show, (Everything Can Be Healed) which I just got around to listening to this evening. It was a little like the “chicken soup for the soul”. Thank you for sharing all you did. Well, I look forward to more interesting discussions in the coming weeks. Namaste, G

Love the Sunday line up on BBS Radio and your show!  The two of you are very  charismatic and alive – and I love what you had to say about “lift or drift” and the “emotional compass” – looking forward to more insights and knowledge – thank you for giving.
Susan, Chicago

The two of you are so much fun to listen to and I appreciate that you are anchors for all of us! I wanted to say Hello and Thank you and just share what’s going on in my life. Thank you for loving us! Hugs and Kisses, Lorraine in Maine!! 🙂

Hello Sri and Kira,

First of all I would like to say how blessed I am to stumble across your website. Your wisdom,  approach and humor, totally resonate with my belief system. Thank you.

Tuned in to the Climate Change Radio talk show, and what really stood out for me was Sri’s statement “And compassion is actually the root of Come-passion”.  Wow. this was a real eye-opener.

About Medical Marijuana – wondering if some light can be shed on the balanced use of marijuana to prevent abnormalities in certain key brain structures arising from casual (or frequent medical) marijuana use. 

An Angelic Soul reading will be much appreciated.

Namaste and lots of love,


Regarding: Is Mind Control the New Reality?

Interesting show today…… and I do have some comments:

One of the first is the following series of BBC programs about  the 20th Century and How Sigmond Freud’s nephew helped shape them…..they are well worth spending the 4 hours needed  to watch them; titled “The Century of Self” 

And as for comments made during today’s show that artifical intelligence should be integrated into the human brain/body……may I recommend that you watch some current TV Shows above the etical issues these AI Technologoes present….  such as Marvel’s Agents of Shield…..a now cancelled series on CBS title “Intelligence’ etc….. media is presenting these issues to the world in an interesting way.

Also AI is already invading our bodies and minds through GMO tecnologies….I read recently when we eat these products we are ‘making’ glyposhate in our own bodies; just as insects do…..

AI is already presenting an opportunity for ‘control’ to  out into the nanotechologies ALREADY present in cosmetics, soaps, deoderants etc…..ready to be ‘programmed’ and put into water systems etc….I have read some psychologists want to do this already….

And you mention that the 4th dimension has collapsed……I would beg to differ on that….the 4th dimension is the “Baptism” dimension……the Bible in James Chapter 4…… mentions that “God wants to hear Yes Yes; not No No”……   and some interupt this to mean….be careful of the vows made and to whom…..I mention this as I have witnessed many who rush into atonements…. baptisms if you will with entities and ‘movements’ of a different kind; without understanding or even attempting to understand….and enter into a mind control agreement of a different sort……

One of the most astounding learnings of my life happened about ten years ago….. when studying the brain….and learned that we are NOT hardwired as I had learned years ago before the electron microscope discovered that our nerves have receptors and transmitters and are NOT connected…..which meant that we are a wide open vessel for those vibrations you describe………..this explains why new age affirmations, hypnosis, etc etc etc  and including witchcraft work……………we are a very suggestable species…..However; there is a missing ingredient in all of the new age stuff and most psychriatry these days and that is the ‘normal’ and ‘necessary’ role of ‘pain’ that is necessary to achieve true ‘change’.

I think that is enough for today…. And thank you for your ‘work’.

Bill Pratt


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